Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Carmel Valley Manchester Soccer Club BU15

So recently someone (to remain anonymous) made a comment to me about how selfish so many triathletes can be. How we train and race and count on volunteers to make it all happen. How many of us really give back- whether it be to the Tri Club, local races, at an Ironman etc. Do we do our share for what we get out of the sport. Now I'm not sure if this was directed at me as there was a group of people talking, but I began to reflect. Gee, when was the last time I volunteered at a race, for the Tri Club? To be fair I have done 2 tri club races in the 2 years I have been in the club so I don't feel all that bad on that front. As for other races....I worked at the Irongirl race, I volunteered for a few different jobs for the CAF weekend and Riley and I worked the aid station, so I have done a bit.

So where is this going....well I spent the last weekend in Lancaster, CA. JD's soccer team was playing in State Cup so we rolled out of town around 3pm on Friday for a 4+ hour drive in traffic. Arrived in time to enjoy a splendid dinner at HomeTown buffet. We were up at 6am for an 8am game and then back at the field in a gale force wind for a 1pm game. Lancaster is cold, windy and has 39 soccer fields in the Lancaster National Soccer Park. Can you tell how much I love it!! But what I do love is watching the boys play....game 1 was tough- we lost but we rallied in game 2 for a win. The kids are great kids and the parents have become true friends. We found a great pizza, well okay good, pizza place for dinner on Saturday and enjoyed good food, a few beers and great conversation. The boys ate and headed to hotel for poker and chillin. I got in a nice run and then we hit it early as Sunday was another early day. Up at 6 and JD went with another family to the complex and I ran with another mom to the game- workout 1 done for the day. Another great game and a win!
Good news is they advance! Big accomplishment for State Cup. The bad news is..we are going back to Lancaster. So how does volunteering fit in....exactly! Parenting 2 kids takes a lot of time...can I squeak out more time to give back, sure, but well for now, I am supporting my kids and after that I am training. Having a kid in sports requires a lot of volunteering anyway, score keeping for lacrosse, helping with banquets etc. Excuses.....maybe, but I was feeling guilty until I spent a weekend in Lancaster!

So the "vacation" in Lancaster makes training tough....there are no Cove's to swim in, I did not see any 50 meter pools or any pools....well the hotel pool is about 10 yards indoors. Running is viable along the highway. Riding....could be done, but no bike lanes, huge winds and lets just say the population does not appear to be bike friendly. So the goal is to ride and swim here and then run when in Lancaster.

Lucky for me.....it's taper time for IMSG so the volume is beginning to drop! So I can work around the trip and still get it all done. We play at 8am on Saturday so we are rolling out of here Friday night. How long will we stay....depends on if they win, They win, we play again Sunday and it continues....

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