Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gettin old sucks......

Okay maybe not entirely but it makes training a lot more difficult. I train with a lot of youngins but luckily have some good friends and training buddies in my decade of life and we seem to suffer the same issues. Once you hit 40....recovery takes twice (at least) as long, winging it does not work, raising intensity when not planned will haunt you and frankly there are not enough hours in the day.

I look at my 15 year old son. He can train 2 workouts a day- soccer and lacrosse, over 4 hours and wake up ready to go the next day. But then again he is not cooking, cleaning, taking care of the house, dog etc. but still he can drag in tired and sore having worked to failure, eat dinner, sleep and be ready to go all over again. Comparing myself to a 15 year old hormonal male is just not realistic I understand.

So why am I feeling this way.....pushing the limit indeed. Racing O'side, rushing recovery and logging training miles all adds up. I had a great run on Sunday and Monday was feeling good. The "new" lane at Masters is taking it's toll. I finish each workout totally spent- starving, tired and wanting to sleep, but I am making progress. I actually get a few seconds rest on some sets now.

Tuesday we rocked the Estrogen ride and my legs felt some fatigue but good in all. Wed was a 90 minute run and that pushed me over the edge I think. Finished starving tired and grumpy. Refueled and was feeling good by the time I met C for Cove Swim at 1. I waited until 1:15 and no sign of her....of course my phone was in the car as I did not want it to get stolen so I did not get her message about her 45 minute hunt for parking. At 1:20 I decided what the heck, there are lifeguards and lots of kayak's and a few swimmers. So I suited up and took the plunge- water was chilly but very comfortable after a bit. At the 1/2 mile buoy it seemed okay, by the time I hit the shores I was swimming in the full tilt cycle of a washing machine. It was crazy- so much for spotting, all I could see was waves, so much for breathing - often I could not take a breath due to water and waves. I started toward the pier and bailed and headed back to the Cove. Right around the 1/2 mile buoy I nearly run into C and her friend. What are the odds out in the ocean- the invited me back to the Shores with them - uh no thank you. I made it to shore and wanted to curl up in the sun and take a nap.

I made it home....tired and grumpy ( serious signs on fatigue) Soon realizing I had a 100+ mile ride the next day and I could only think about eating more and sleeping. I picked up the 911 phone and called KP. Dilemma, what do I do, I am tired, sore, but have to do my ride and run on Friday so I can go to Lancaster with JD for soccer....I am stressed, worried and in a quandary. And I have committed to ride with RG- cannot leave her in a lurch,

I am on the panic ledge (again) KP calmly talks me down, tells me I am not riding on Thur, not running on Friday- am going to Lancaster and gives me 4 days of aerobic maintenance - s.b.r. Big days moved to Monday and Tuesday.....I still have 3 weeks and moving the big days a few days will #1 dodge injury and #2 allow for 2 successful days versus slogging through them now.

Whew.... relief and guilt. I feel terrible bailing on R literally the night before but well....getting old sucks. I am sorry but she did recruit 2 studs to keep her company. And now well....I may be suffering alone. But then again, E has not ridden GWL in a while and she will be good for 1 lap! Any takers for lap 2?

So I had a great swim and ride on Thursday and a nice run and ride today before heading to Lancaster! It's all much as I was looking forward to chilling this weekend after the hard work is done, I am looking forward to some nice runs, soccer and then 2 big days Mon/Tuesday.

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