Monday, April 19, 2010

Do I see a pattern.....

Maybe.....well the fact that I am sick is just plain crappy! This has happened before and yes probably due to over fatigue, packing in too much at the end....etc. But nevertheless it is not fun. Although I was sick in Kona - race week, which makes no sense as I was so well rested that my immune system should not have been compromised. I had a minor cold the week of Oceanside 70.3 and that was coming off a long weekend with family (many of whom were sick), but nevertheless my immune system was compromised. But that was a usual cold for me- wake up feeling sub par, train and feel okay, fatigue by end of the day, early to bed and feel pretty good the next day and day 3 totally fine.

This one hit me hard....John was sick last week and I avoided him as much as one can avoid one's husband while living together. Granted I trained hard last week, did not get as much sleep as I hoped (darned Varsity lacrosse games going until 9:30 pm) and was up late again Friday heading to Lancaster. So Saturday when I woke early for the game I felt 80% but did not think much of it and headed out for my 90 minute run- hindsight (maybe should have bailed on the run) Run was great though, good pace and did not feel sick. Overwhelmed with a coughing attack when I finished and that was the onset.

Boys lost the game 1-0. Arh and we were done. So let me recap that joyous adventure. Left 7pm Friday night - 2:45 min drive to check in a crappy hotel for $149 only to sleep 6+ hours and wake up in the dark. Play an 8am game, lose the game by1 (and it was avoidable definitely), return to the hotel, eat our fill of the free breakfast- have to get our moneys worth somehow and back it the car for the 3 hour drive home. By 2pm - we are back home and the weekend could begin. Now don't get me wrong...spending the entire weekend in Lancaster was not my desire, but winning would have been great to!

So back to my health progress, as if anyone cares for the details. By Saturday night I was feeling it and we all laid low. John was still not 100%. We had a great family night, on our new couch that we love, watching An Education. Film takes place in London 1962 with a 16 year old girl destined for Oxford but is derailed by a love affair. Definitely worth seeing and was a big award winner at Sundance.

Sunday I woke up with that am I sick or am I okay.....once the coughing seized (good sign of being sick right?) Really I thought I was good to go- good night sleep was all I needed. John stayed home and I headed out to ride....ez ride, after all I am tapering and I felt fine for 2 hours and then my lungs started to hurt- okay, 3rd sign and now I get it. Time to head home! Damage may have been done, okay it was.....spent the rest of the day in bed and feeling miserable.

Didn't have to get out of bed today to realize things are worse, not better. Slept in, saw the kids off to school, stocked up on more Zicam and went back to bed. 3 hours of sleep, a hot bath and I am feeling better. Funny this came on quickly, you know that feeling of every hour something is settling in worse and worse, well not it seems to be leaving the same way. As the day progresses I am feeling better and better!

Looking forward to waking up feeling good!

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  1. My standby for when I get sick is Kombucha tea. And since I've been taking glutamine daily (about a year), I haven't really been sick. Hope you feel better soon! Can't wait to see how you kick butt at SG.