Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6 hours. 96 miles. 9700 ft of elevation gain...

Time to taper....the traditional last long ride and run, 3 weeks out from an IM did not go so traditionally for me due to JD's Soccer tournament.

My long run was longer than usual but was split in 2. 9 miles in the AM and 12 around 2pm. Ideal, not, get it done, yes! Sometimes that is a necessary formula when you have life to deal with as well. I was full tilt panic when I realized it was going to rain on Monday. Plan was long ride Mon and long run Tue. With rain, and I mean serious rain, in the forecast I made a 911 plea to coach. I really dont want to ride in the rain, I don't want to skip any of the training, if I push it back yet another day is that too close to race day..... what to do, what to do!

So he says, how far have your run today? what time will you be home? And can you do another run Sunday afternoon- okay done. After the 1st few miles it actually felt pretty darn good. So that was a relief.

My plan for Monday was do to 1GWL + Descano with E, who I almost forgot what she looks like it has been soooo long since we have ridden. And since it has been so long I knew we would have enough material to talk non stop for over 3 hours and then loop 2 C was maybe going to meet me and I would be golden with company for the 5:30-6 hours of riding. Well rain is coming, E cannot ride Tue and I am panicked....

TG for Jen and S. Jen is a trooper and agreed to 2 loops (no Descanso) but I am not picky. S joined us for one and the 1st was a casual pace, lots of chatter and fun. A bit chilly but we rode smart to as we hit the parking lot to refuel for lap 2 I was not dying to crawl in my car. We actually put on more clothes for the 2nd lap, usual the opposite, stripping off layers. We wanted to go the ez way again but we had lost S - she was planning on a a few Lyons Valley repeats but she peeled off sooner than we thought and we wanted to make sure she was truly being stud and dong hill repeats and not laying on the side of the road.

So lap 2 was up Jamul Dr and Lyons Valley. We saw here soon and she was fine- working away and heading back to the car. We did the loop and despite the fact I see and ride with Jen a lot we never seem to run our of chatter.....thank goodness! Headwind on the back 1/2- not fun, but well it's GWL. We are rolling back and it is only 5:15 so I wave good bye to Jen (truly a lifesaver) and head out for the last 45 min. I debate do I go out Willow Glen to Dehesa- nice flat out and back? But there was a wicked head wind coming back and the idea of the last 25 min dead in the wind, which we had just done, was just not jiving for me. So of course I decide that riding up Jamul Dr and continuing on Skyline TT was a better idea. So I turn around and duh, I still have a head wind- so I have added more climbing and sill have the same outcome. Oh well, IM training, make me tougher.

I roll into the parking lot and my computer says 5:59....of course (even though I told Jen I would not be super anal - but I was) I circle around the lot to make sure the ride is an even 6 hours.

Great IM ride....1 quick pee stop at some bushes and a quick refueling stop at the car and the rest was all riding.

Banked the ride. day off. taper time! 2 weeks 3 days until race day.

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