Friday, January 8, 2010

Yoga is not the end all cure...

So I have done yoga 2 times this week and am off to my 3rd (not bikram today) The reason for doing yoga is to cure my hip. Come on 2x it is not healed.....impatient? Maybe just a tad.

Aggravated, impatient, frustrated....pretty much all the feelings that roll around my head when I am injured. It has been so long, I have gladly forgotten what it feels like. I see people running and immediately analyze them- they should be smiling, thankful they are running as far as they like, take the grimace off the face and be happy dammit!! So yes, I can run 20 minutes - woohoo! Well not even 20 minutes - today it was 10. Going to be pretty darn hard if not impossible to do an IM in May if I cannot run. Right or swim- shoulder is another issue. The swimming I am less stressed about and that will come around faster, but running a marathon. It looks like IMSG is 50/50 and possibly even Oceanside.

Arghhhh.....namaste off to yoga :)

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  1. Sorry your dealing with the hip stuff. Trust me, I know how NOT fun that is. You're smart to stop when the pain sets in. I know that's not easy to do. Take care and I hope the yoga starts to help.