Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain, rain, rain.....

Holy cow! Talk about weather. Thank goodness this is not my week for bike volume. I would be in a coma from boredom on the trainer. This is not, get a little wet and be careful rain, this is put on foul weather gear to walk the dogs rain. Rocky walks outside, pees and turns around and goes back in. Turns around looks at us... "really? you want me to go out in that? no thanks" He goes in and takes a nap and Zen and I traipse through puddles and get soaking wet. What a site I am in Riley's swim parka, shorts (otherwise my pants are soaked) and flip flops, mind you it is 50 degrees. But I don't have rain boots so whatever I wear gets soaked, may as well be freezing but not have wet clothes and be freezing.

So I did a swim test on Monday.... my shoulder was feeling a lot better and I figured why not. Either shooting pains or maybe it would be okay. 1st few laps were stiff and as I swam it felt better. Now the bigger issue was swimming in the 24 hour fitness pool. 1st- pool is 20 yards, 2nd- indoor, 3rd water is 85 degrees and lastly most of the people in the pool are walking and running. We are not talking about injured runners or triatheletes, we are talking about older women and most large in ballooning swim contraptions who yammer and walk up and down the pool. Now with 5 or 6 coming at me from the other directions it simulates swimming through the break in the ocean. There are lane lines, sort of, but the bow out so much that they nearly touch and these women are fierce. People complain about cyclists riding 2 deep, really come and check this out. It was scary. Thus after 800 yards I got out. But, but the good news is my shoulder felt good. My stroke terrible and no feel for the water but no pain. Yee haw!

I was so excited I got dressed and stepped on the is the run test. Ugh stiff legs, start running slowly, pain? no pain?, nope no pain....really no pain. So excited I think I can run forever and am already reminding myself coach said max 20 minutes, do not go backwards. Well as luck would have it, by 20 minutes I am tired, my legs are tired so I step off. Holy cow swim and run and no pain. I hope on the Elliptical for a bit of time and start to giggle... I am so excited and realize I swam an 800 and ran a little over 2 miles. That is a long, long way from IM. But at least I am closer than I was yesterday.

Tuesday wake up and asses the body...not residual pain. Good think I did the Yoga for Inflexible Peeps DVD last night to work out any issues. So like a little kid so excited I head for the gym. Different one this time....real swimming pool with real swimmers. I swim 1200 and all is good. Run 25 minutes and all is good! yes, we are taking baby steps.

Torrential rain and a trip to Palm Springs halted any plans for riding. Had to work for a few days to keep feeding this expensive addiction I have called triathlon. Snuck in a stunning run this AM. Woke up in Palm Springs to crystal clear skies, snow capped mountains and treated myself to a 30 minute run before the work day started. It was golden.

Not going to be a week of record training hours or volume but a week of easing back into the normal routine of swim/bike/run!

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