Sunday, January 17, 2010

Has been a week....

Can you tell training is not stellar....can you tell all is not great!!! Don't we just love to blog and talk and write when all is wonderful. Nothing better than posting about awesome rides and tremendous runs and how tired but how great we feel.

I know, I winging. But well, it's my blog and this is the one place I can really winge. My friends are awesome and so supportive but let's face it, after a few weeks of injury depression, you have to button it up or risk losing your training partners. Since I am only riding these days, I need my buddies and need companionship on some of the rides. I do love riding solo some times. Well me and the iPod. Jamming to tunes, reflecting on what is going is great, but after 3 hours, hello, I need someone to yammer on with.

Quick health swimming or running this week. But, I did see my GP, Sports Med Dr and Orthopedic, had ART and Acupuncture. Working at this from all angles indeed. The good, no great news is that my shoulder has the first signs of relief since the injury. I can move it most of the time without pain! The Sports Dr fears the shoulder has a labral tear which would prevent me from racing anytime soon but since it I can move it some, I don't think this is the case. Moving without pain is major, usually lifting or certain ROM would send shooting pains down my arm. I have an MRI next week but do hope that by the time I have it I will have been able to swim a bit. I have PT scheduled as well and will surely stick with that. So blah, blah, blah.....

The good news is I can ride....and boy did I ride. I logged a lot of miles on the bike this week. Amazing how easy it can be when all I am doing is riding, yoga and strength training. So the bike fitness is good. I know it does not transfer to run and and swim and that will be a slow process. But I am hoping to test the waters soon.

Long weekend.....yee haw! Started with a great ride on Saturday. Rode with a big group- too big for my taste actually. A lot of waiting and when are we leaving etc.... although once we rolled it was great. Group split up and Kitchen Creek is always a favorite for me. We skipped Julian which was a bummer but that means we also missed Engineers Road which was a good thing- did not feel like crawling up that again. Beautiful weather and fun day indeed.

We made a major furniture purchase....big deal in our household- happens about once a decade. Very, very cool couch- big and sooo comfy. Zen is NOT allowed and he is a bit disgruntled. Rocky cannot get up so he does not even try. Finally a space our family can hang out. It's not like we are piled in front of the TV ever night, in fact we do not own one. But we do like to watch movies on the weekends on the big flat screen monitor and now it is process...drag the futon in from my office, get settled etc. Now we can all pile in together! Well that is the idea anyway. Maybe with all this rain, we will have an excuse to watch some movies.

Sunday I snuck in an early ride, knowing the rain was coming and I wanted to ride when I could. And then it was JD's lacrosse - pounded 1 game and won the other. That rolled into a Chargers Party, not that I am big or even a small football fan, but it is a great excuse to hang with good friends and enjoy the afternoon. Braman was not up to par so he stayed home and the kids and I hung at the party.....met some cool people, good food and fun.

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