Monday, January 25, 2010

GWL on a Monday....

2 weeks and I have been missing my favorite ride. So we hit it today....Sun was shining, was chilly at the start but warmed up and the sky was sensational and the company was smashing. So JN ran Carlsbad 1/2 yesterday and did pretty darn well, she agrees to ride with a disclaimer she will be really slow... blah, blah, blah. E and I have no excuse, well compared to JN we have age as an excuse. So we roll out and it has been a few weeks so there is non stop talking going on and a lot of chatter about teenagers, how will we survive! My phone is buzzing, we stop to make sure no kid or work emergency, J keeps riding. We catch up. Have to pee, so E and I stop and J will roll along slowly. Well 90 minutes later she circles back to make sure we are alive. UH the wonder of youth and well being a stud as well. Very impressive. I think our cadence was low, pace was off, but our caloric burn was up as we yammered the entire way. Kids, kids, oh kids. Finally discussed books, world peace and that was pretty much it. We forgot the recipes and men conversation.....well there is always next week. What would I do without my girlfriends on the bike. And we parked at the old spot so our transition run was across the parking lot to Starbucks.

No better way to start the week! Well maybe a few, but this is a G, okay PG, well mostly PG rated blog.

What dog is losing it and I am very sad. His eye sight is going and it is crushing to see him crash into things and then he gets so disoriented. He was walking into a corner last night, poor puppy. I wonder when John and I will move downstairs to sleep with him or install and elevator for him to come up. He will not let us carry him any more, hurts too much. more cannot think about him, well moving on.

Going to masters swim tomorrow and I am scared.... I will have to move down many lanes. Goal is do not look at the clock all week- just increase yardage and be happy about swimming.

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  1. Laughing out loud. I kept thinking if I slow up they'll see me struggle up the next hill so badly one will insist on waiting with me while the other fetches the car. O.k got up that climb but I'm sure I'll die on the next one.....certainly on the next one...Missed the conversations but didn't want make you miss your noon phone call.