Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting a little perspective....

1- Triathlon is for fun
2- This is not how I earn a living
3- My family is far more important than
4- I am grateful for overall health, no major illnesses in my or my loved ones....

Okay that being said....I am still not happy out being injured. But in the big really is not a big deal. We could have life or death issues at hand, we could be in a financial crisis....instead we just returned from 2 glorious weeks in Australia and it is 75 degrees outside in January.

What is on my plate is riding and lots of it. The one thing I can do pain free!! Hooray, but the downside is that I have to back off the power and ride very moderately. Even though there is no pain when I ride hard, KP has convinced me the beating and wear on the tendons and muscles must be manifesting in my hip. Riding hard MAY be delaying or prohibiting the healing of my hip. So I tried it my way and hip is not I will be riding alone for the most part to ensure I am going easy enough. I simply cannot ride behind my buddies and stick to my power plan- I know it, so why risk it. John and I had a great ride on Saturday....he dropped me on the climbs. And well, it totally sucked. I kept telling myself I am sticking to my plan, I could ride harder and faster....then about 30+ people rode by me at various time going up Del Dios. The mantra in my head was so loud surely they could hear me. I was not wearing Since everyone was dropping me. I was totally in control until the final climb when I came across 2 guys and they were huffing and puffing and asked if they could sit on my wheel. I say sure and the manged to spike the power and finish the climb. I soon recognized my erroneous ways and corrected the effort.

As we hit the coast Braman says this is usually the point in the ride when I am hanging on and can only think about getting home and I feel great. Between his new compact crank and the reduced efforts he was full of energy and wanted to keep going. Nope, I resisted and we headed home.

It was great to be out there and nice to have the option to be riding.

Showered and changed and then off for a massage. Now this is how to spend a Saturday! It only got better from there with 2 sets of good friends coming for dinner. So good to catch up and some stimulating conversation as well. Kids + parents and it was great fun. So, so appreciative for the very cool people in our life.

Rode again today....alone as Braman was moving very slowly and I wanted to get in a short ride before Yoga. Yoga stretch, no Bikram today. I love this Sun AM class, a bit of work, but a lot of long stretches that are mildly uncomfortable but very necessary.

So the plan is.....ride, ride, yoga, ride. Volume of riding but low efforts. Not going to try and run for a week. Dr appt Wed and hope they will do an MRI of my shoulder and hip. Hip feels good until I take a few steps running. Shoulder hurts with certain movements. Hoping they are both close to healing.....will see. Have panicked and re planned my race season 4-5 times. No decisions have to be made now or even in the next few weeks. The good news is it is January and I have options.....not having to race in 90 days takes a lot of the stress off. As much as I love Oceanside, there are other races and Oceanside will be there next year as well. Good perspective, my goal is to keep it in focus.

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