About Me

Ugh.....45 year old!  Really?  Yes, really!

I'll go in order here..... Mom of 2 adoring teenagers- 15 year old girl and nearly 17 year old son... .  They are great, I can honestly saw I enjoy them the majority of the time.  There are moments - yes.  They keep me busy....JD is a Senior and headed to college next year and is an avid golfer.  Riley is a Sophomore and lacrosse is her passion..... plays Field Hockey for fun and has the biggest heart of anyone I know.
What's next....Wife- hate that word.  But I am married to an exceptional, eccentric, brilliant and very fun loving man.  JB -  he is all that and more!

Triathlete...well since most of my blog is consumed with that....a bit of history. Collegiate swimmer- LSU.  After college I quit swimming for good, well at least I thought so.  I did not swim for nearly 20 years.   Became a couch potato for about a year and found running.  Over the years worked my way up to marathons and was addicted.  Many injuries lead to a months of not running and I discovered cycling...next up Triathlon.

I did my first Sprint without any swim training 5 years ago- loved it and was hooked!  Within a year I signed up for 2 x70.3's and the next year Ironman baby.  2008 was the beginning of the greatest addiction ever!!! Ironman.  And here we are today!  3x Kona qualifier and still loving everything about Swim.Bike.Run.

My real job has me negotiating hotel contracts for companies and associations and my passionate job has me coaching triathletes!