Monday, March 19, 2018

Panic Training

#itdoesnotwork   We are 19 days to Oceanside 70.3 and many of my athletes and maybe me are freaking out!  Here is the deal, you cannot panic train, triathlon is not like writing a paper in college where you can cram.   That being said, the "window of opportunity" is not closed, that happens 10 days out.  But now is not the time to make up the missed swim, bike, runs, strength from the last few months.  Look forward, not back.

Assuming you have a coach or a plan, follow it!  For my athletes we have a few key days to raise fitness but the rest of the days are about recovery and maximizing those big days.  Saturday we have a race simulation that is one of the hardest workouts I do, and I will be doing, alongside my athletes.  The key to nailing that workout is following the plan this week.   Sure there are a few hard sessions, but the rest are recovery.  Do the easy days easy so the hard days can be hard! 

Riding a recovery ride at 80% because you feel good is not the way to hit 100% on Saturday!  It may be time to tune out social media, if you see others posting epic sessions and you are wondering "should I?"  Again,  #followtheplan

Nuff said!  

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