Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report

Racing alongside these 2 awesome women who I also
coach is priceless! 
I swam 1.2 miles, bike 56 and ran sort of 13.1 miles, ate tacos, drank wine and called it a day.  

Swim: 29:20  I went out hard with 2 solid swimmers and by the 1st turn buoy I was gasping for air and struggling, nearly had to roll over to catch my breath.  This pace was not sustainable so I dialed it back a bit and swam hard.  Sighting was nearly impossible due to the sun coming up, even with polarized goggles, I could not see.  

Water was fairly open for about 500 meters and then we started to come upon the slower swimmers.  I felt like I swam 26-27 and am thankful I did not see my swim time or I would have been a bit upset. I was 5th out of the water which tells me I did not swim all that well.  FYI I don''t like getting beat on the swim, I don't like getting beat in general, but on the swim, especially NOT.  So to say I was running through T1 psyched would be a bold faced lie.

T1- out of the water, along the grass, sharp left up the ramp to the top, up the hill and into the bike racks.  My helmet was on and I headed right to 464 looking to make up time in transition.  Turns out my number was 364 and that took some time to figure out.  So onto the bike feeling pissed.

Legit bike course I should have LOVED
Bike: 2:56:30  Goal was 2:50.  I kept saying, find your happy place, find your happy place, fck my legs hurt, find your happy place, my legs really hurt and so it went like this .... Onto the climbs, the steep 3 miles where I should have been happy but I was whining that my legs hurt, my power was low and where for the love of god was the top. Crested the top and thought "8 miles done, 48 to go"  WTF,  why did I race, I could be drinking coffee or wine now and so it went.  My head was in a dark spot, I was even secretly wishing for a major mechanical so I could stop, a " gentle" run in with a car where I was not really hurt nor was my bike, but I had to quit..... okay not really, but maybe.  I rocked the descents!  I was spot on my nutrition and hydration but legs were flat.  I did my best to stay positive and enjoy the descents and the frequent women in my age group passing me.  I stopped counting, okay not really, I just got more frustrated.  I tired to enjoy the countryside, the cars on the roads that were closed blocking me from passing a few women, focus on how fortunate I was to be there, wishing I was not there. pondered competitive knitting, planned post race celebrations and then it was onto T2.  Tried not to throw my bike at the volunteer and did say thank you running to my bag. I had the right #, go the right bag and tried again to maximize T2 so hopping on one foot, put my socks and shoes on, knocking over a chair filled with urine, gross- who does that? Just pee on your bike and yourself.  Started to run out of T2 with my bike bag but decided to drop it off.  Onto the run, Yea! 

All those hill repeats SHOULD have helped 
Run: 1:58:44 END OF BLOG.... This was sad, mile 1 was nothing spectacular and I am going to be honest here.  I was so far off my goal race I did give up.   I am ashamed of this but honest about it.  I just ran, no watch and minimal effort.   I did not walk and I did not yell at anyone, except the one large volunteer who said "come on honey, pick it up"  and I dropped and F Bomb.  When that happened I decided I maybe having a shit race, I may not be happy, but I can be nice.  So for the next 8 miles up and down those dang hills, over those lovely bridges, I was nice to the 500 women that passed me, to the volunteers and kept my fits clinched to not to accidentally flip the bird.  To say I was miserable physically would be lie, my HR was low and I was our for  Saturday jog, but I was in a world of mental hurt.   Considering 2 weeks prior I ran 17 miles 20 sec/mile faster, I did not deserve that medal.
That Aero helmet looks amazing on you ....said no one ever

The finish line was (for those passing me), red carpet, jumbo tron and tons of crowds! 

Yeah I am done!   Having friends, my athletes and so many familiar faces made the finish line and post race fantastic.  

There you have it..... onto Kona.  Most work here needs to happen in my brain!  

Currently on my iPad
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- Calm the Fck Down
- Elite Minds

I need some attitude adjustment.....

Nothing sugar coated here my friends!  

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