Monday, August 28, 2017

Green Noser

Come on .. you know who you are!   Training Peaks Users ... the ones who will sacrifice whatever it takes to ensure their workout shows green.  It maybe 9pm but you are hopping on the trainer to get in that 45 min spin, you are waving you arm under water while kicking so the Garmin tracks the yardage correctly or are emailing coach with "the why."  I could write and entire blog on why it's not green.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about .... Training Peaks is a coaching software and the coach writes workouts, athlete uploads workouts and it athlete does the workout as planned the workout shows completed and turns green.  If you are  50-79% or 121-150% the workout shows completed and turns yellow and god forbid if you are less than 50% or greater than 150% the workout shows red.

Green Noser

Rainbow Training Peaks
So you can see a few examples -  sure we all like to comply but as in life there are the A+'s the perfectionists who freak out if it is not in  " my kicking did not show up in the swim and it is now yellow- can I manually change it"  , " I got stuck at work, can I move and make it up tomorrow so it is not red?", " I stayed in a bit longer but only recorded 30 min as I wanted it green"  and the list goes on and on  and on....

And then there are the rainbow athletes- all colors every week.  I had an athlete after months of working together say to me on a call, "hey by the way, what to all the colors mean in Training Peaks"  Okay, all you Green Nosers, collectively sigh :) 

Here is the deal, as a coach, I care more about what you accomplished in the workout-  did you hit the intervals, the numbers, the watts, paces - whether your gamin paused or died or malfunctioned is your issue.  Did you DO THE WORK and if so how did it go?    If there are 6 red... are you skipping workouts or totally over training? I don't care about the red, I care about are  you getting the work done, understanding the workouts and making it happen. 

As for green, yellow, red... I get it, I am an athlete too BUT don't lose sight of what is most important.

So maybe someone can do a deeper study do Green Nosers have impeccably clean house, are the Type A personalities, are the meticulous, do they leave socks in the middle of the room, do they leave unfolded laundry on the bed.....

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