Thursday, September 29, 2016


I have a love/hate it seem sacrilegious to say hate relationship with Yoga.  I have tried to commit to this relationship for years... But here is the truth, I just don't like it.

I have tried Bikram, who really likes Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, name it and I am either too hot, too bored, too challenged, too confused, too stiff, too sore, too b

I do admit that I feel better after yoga and I feel even better after Hot Yoga.  So I decided when my Coach said I had to to commit to yoga 1x a week for the last 8 weeks and ramping it up to 2x a week for the final Kona build.  Here is the deal, I may as well do Hot Yoga to help with heat acclimation.  We have had the mildest summer, as in heavenly temps, low of 65 and high of 75. Sheer paradise but not ideal when training for a hot race.   We had 2 days of massive heat this week, as in 104 on Monday, what the heck? and 95 on Tuesday.  But, alas, I am tapering thus no epic sweat fest rides or runs to "practise" melting on the Queen K my hydration and nutrition in hot temps.

Here is my 8 week yoga summary.  ITS OVER!!!    OK more to share...

1-  I will NEVER I know never say never but I am sure take Yoga Teacher Training so I wish they would stop selling it at the end of every class
2-  I "like" Core Power Hot Power Fusion, if I have to pick a yoga class.  102-108 degrees and steamy.   It is the same class every time - so I know when we get to tree pose  I am 1/2 through the class and at pigeon we are at 45 min.  I like that know.  Not that I am counting the minutes, okay really I am .
3- The room, floor and people don't have that "hot yoga BO smell" because it is lululemon encinitas kind of yoga
4-  The locker rooms are nice!  Showers are plenty cold, because who takes a hot shower after HOT yoga.  Clean floors and I can hose down- I don't know HOW people stroll out of HPF and get in their car.  I am still dripping sweat as I drag myself into the locker room- OOH, yuck - the idea of getting in my car.  
5- I did acclimate.  When I started I needed 2x 20 oz bottles of fluid and I had to take at least one break, as in walk into the AC lobby and contemplate leaving.  This AM- I had 1x20oz bottle and felt great at the end of class.
6- When I started I did child's pose at least 10x to prevent from passing out.  Today I only did it when instructed.
7 - I wish I could tell you I am better at yoga, but I am not.  I still am a falling tree on my left leg.  I refuse to really do chair pose as my quads are generally tired and this is "recovery" not my workout for the day, eagle bound airplane just does not happen and standing splits is just cruel.
8-  I am no longer angry when I go.   When the instructor tells me to stay on my mat, emotionally,  I do for most of the class.  I still wander off a bit but try to "stay present" for the 60 min.  I no longer hurl mean thoughts at the accomplished yogi's or the chipper instructors.
9- I just cannot get into Savasana when it is 105+ degrees and I am laying in a soaked towel of my own sweat.  I do a bit more stretching.
10 - I like it when the mirrors fog up as I don't want to watch ME doing yoga.

Will I continue?  ha ha ha ha ha.... I used my last class on my punch card and the person who checked me in asked if I wanted another 20 card pass?  I smiled and thought no f'ing way. I am done with this for a while  and said not today, I will get it next time, which I can assure you will be in 2017!  

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