Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Ironman rules

Ironman just released revised rules for racing-  for all 70.3 and 140.6 Ironman branded races the following apply.

1: Increased age-group draft zone from 10 meters to 12 meters.  12 meters is roughly 6 bike lengths/
    - note athletes who enter the 12 meter draft distance of a forward bike must complete the pass in 25 seconds
    - athletes overtaken who fail to drop back 12 meters will receive a drafting penalty  -               nothing is more frustrating than passing an athlete who does not drop back. 
    - 12 meters is further than most think.  I have athletes who were given penalties when the        draft zone was 10 meters and they were sure they were 10 back.  Practice riding                "legally" behind others in training. 

2: Snorkels will be prohibited.  as they should. IMHO, really a snorkel? 

3: During non- westsuit swims, swimwear sleeves or race kids worn under sleeves swimwear may now extend from shoulders to elbows. 

There are a few other changes which can be seen below.  It is the responsibility of the racer to know the rules.   Take a few minutes before each race and ready the athlete guide,  There maybe specifics to each race,  ie: no pass zones etc.  A penalty can cost you 4 minutes but can also put you and another athlete in danger.  IE - passing on the right, this is a penalty.

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