Friday, February 5, 2016

Adventures at Function Smart

 After my appt earlier this week at Torrey Pines Orthopedic where the Dr assured me my foot is "ready to run"  or maybe he said it is healing well.  Ok what he really said is yes the bone is healing, solid callous and getting strong.  I say "great it is healed"  Dr " no it takes 6-10 months for it to heal"  When my eyes opened to the size of saucers and started to well with tears he then said "but that does not mean you have to wait that long to run"  The exhalation of air at that moment was immense and lucky for us both in that tiny room I brushed my teeth and did not have onions for breakfast.  I lean in....  

I tilt my head, like Roo, okay "so it's not healed but I can run?"  Dr "yes and no"  The hyperventilation begins slowly ..... until he says "let pain be your guide"  

Ok so the swelling is not a problem? "NO" it may swell for a year. 
Ok so the numb sensation I get is not a problem ? "NO" that is scar tissue 
Ok gotta go as I am lacing up my shoes and planning to run.....

This is the clearance I have been waiting for!  

With that I went to see Gino Cinco (master thumbs) to work out some of the scar tissue and get the bones moving.  I was hesitant to have someone digging in my foot until I was sure the bones are solid.  Because, ok confession here, in Barcelona when my foot started hurting and after a night out drinkng I diagnosed myself with tendinitis and followed Dr Google's suggestion of pressing as hard as you can on the sore point and pull toward the top of my foot.  It says " it will be very painful but you SHOULD then get relief"  It was very painful and I did not get relief, in fact I am sure I screamed a little.

At the bottom of the article NOT THE TOP it says "Warning, if you suspect a stress fracture DO NOT do this"  So let's just say WHY WAS THIS NOT IN BLINKING RED at the top of the article.  

I digress.....and 12 weeks later.  So  I am at Gino's for some ART and he says first we are going to use the Renew Enhanced Circulation.  Ok, whatever that is.   

 So the premise is Recovery Pump or Normatech but x 1000.  Medical grade.  You have cuffs vs boots and they are strapped on you as well as ekg sensors + a HR monition.  The external counter-pulsation is timed to inflate and deflate between heartbeats. So when your HR is lower the inflate/deflate is slower, HR increase so does the increase/decrease. It was really amazing.   The idea is to significantly enhance blood flow in cardiac patients but they are now testing on athletes. Because as we all know, athletes will spend $$ to heal faster, get stronger, recover faster.....

I say wow, how much do these run?  $70,000 .... so maybe I won't get a pair this season.
In any case I cannot say I skipped out of there but my tragically sore legs do feel better. (week 3 of the MKAST  - marilyn kick ass strength training and I am really sore)

Function Smart  is using the machines to do some research on recovery, fitness gains etc on the Elite Tri Squad. But my thought is why test on these 20 year olds who recover in 8 hours about a test in 50yo women ???? Just a suggestion.   I realize how lucky I am to have such hi-tech facilities right here.    

Then Gino worked his magic the bones in my feet are moving.... we are on the right path.

So I signed up for 7 races and ..... no I did not!  6 weeks of solid running and THEN we plan the race season.   

But we are on the right trajectory....  

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