Saturday, June 20, 2015

San Diego County Fair 5k

I despise the Fair... in fact I have been once.  It goes in the same category as Disneyland etc.... but this is not about that- is about the fact I went to the Fair this AM ( to run a 5K)

Yes so the good news on the non injury front is I have zero pain!  zero.... so the green light to ramp back up. This was my first week of running with some efforts.  Garmin is on, pace is slow, but that is okay well not really but I am pretending to be patient.  Last week coach messages me "can you find a 5K?"  Oh boy...  yes.

Of the few I found, this on made the most sense.  1- close by 2- affordable 3- Saturday (ideal day)  So I signed us up for the SD County Fair 5K.

Turns out it was a freakin blast.... pace was not a blast, it was well slow, but a benchmark. John beat me and I am really pissed and I am happy he had a good race.

Race started at 8, we arrived at 7:30- parking was a cluster.  It was as if Tempo and Zen were in charge (aka not the sharpest tools in shed)  But we got in and parked and lined up.

The start was through the gates the horses run through - it was awesome!  Off we go down the straightaway on the track just like the horses in my brain anyway.  From there we ran through the entire Fair - infield, garden section, aisles of alarming food, rides, carnie games, hot tubs, back on the track, beer garden and finish.  Course was a bit short 2.9 miles.  Really low key.... no chips, no awards, just run!

#vineman training 100 degrees in Ramona 
We loved it-  we got 2 free Fair tickets and free Miller Light- neither of which we used. We were in the car by 8:30 headed to Leslie's for breakfast and then an 80 mile ride!  Hills, heat, tempo efforts....

Fun the dream- 

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