Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On being a masters athlete and when things go awry

Maybe a bit dramatic....I know 

While there are some days I feel 25 there are other days I feel 65.  Take the last 2 weeks.  I did an epic aerial event while skiing in 10 inches of powder and tweaked my back or I woke up from sleeping and tweaked my back.  Option 2 is the case for me.  Really... I have no recollection of anything epic, adventurous or fun but I earned a lot of pain.  Add a tiny shin pain that has now escalated to not being able to run and you have me.   

The back... think stabbing knife under the scapula - it goes from stabbing to aching.  Ice is good, heat is better. Dull headache and feeling of being hung over is constant.  My adventures with ART,  Chiro, massage have all lessened the pain and 11 days later I am feeling about 80%.  Mostly there- it was a combo of 2 Chiro's, having my Atlas adjusted  (the first cervical vertebra, known as the Atlas or C1, plays the most delicate and at the same time primary role for the entire spine- Who knew.)    Seems the Atlas adjustment works wonders for people with migraines, headaches , backaches etc.  It does't hurt so why not give it a go... Dr Kenny Sheppard

Just as the back was becoming tolerable my shin flared up as in- niggle went to pain went to not running in the course of 7 days.   I took 5 days off and toed the line for Super Seal (after getting ART, massage and PT/massage combo) hoping to pull it off.  Swim - solid. Bike- solid.  Run-  pain at the start and I was hoping it would loosen up.  At 1.5 miles the pain was severe, that kind of pain that can lead to no good.   I pulled out tying to keep my brain centered around the big picture... Oceanside, St George but really IM Canada.

Here we are 3 days later and I have seen 2 Dr's, ART and a PT.  Over treating...possibly but there is no real consensus other than 1- my calf is a wreck, my hamstring is really tight and my shins are ropey.   With a lot of work the pain eases up but soon returns.

Ironically Dr Sheppard is in the same office as Dan Selstad - Dr Pain (ART) as the sign in his office says but really I am amazed at what he can do.   And the last one Steve Percy who one of my athletes recommended. Dan and Steve are "working" on my calf/shin dilemma and both have really different approaches.  All my free time and time I don't have has been getting treated. Triage of sorts.... And I did see my primary ( Sports Med)  So let's just say it takes a village when I am injured.  

So we head to Tucson for a Training Camp tomorrow but will be more likely a swim/bike camp for me.  One at a time but I have to at least acknowledge Oceanside may not happen- it is upsetting and frustration but it is reality.    We are packing the RadRoller, foam roller, The Stick.. what fun!!

I have a book now of what to roll, when to ice, what to stretch....its a whole other workout regime but very necessary.  

Talking to coach today- when was the defining moment?  Hard to say but the day my back flared up, the wheels were coming off in other ways and while I did pull the plug on that days workouts I had a pretty hard weekend.  So hindsight... which we need to use for learning would be that the day my back flared up would have been time for 2-3 days off.  So live and learn!  

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