Sunday, December 21, 2014

December in San Diego

post race re-fueling plan
San Diego simply does not surprise there!  There just some days that San Diego amazes me... 12/19 was one of them.  The sun was out, 68 degrees and Les and I rolled up to the 25th Red Nose Run in Del Mar on the beach, on the sand!  5k at 2pm.   $50 fundraiser for SemperFi (wounded military) and you get a stunning run, a red nose and a buffet at Poseidon that puts Ironman pizza to shame- veggies and hummus, mixed green salad, nice fruit salad, assortment of creamy  way to caloric for a 5k,  pastas.  Heaters as it dropped below 70 and the wonderful bar at the Poseidon.

The 5k was painful and slow, did  I say painful.  I am dreading blessed to do a 5k a month - this was #1 and it was hard.  But I digress.... I chased Leslie and it was over sooner than later and onto the fun!  Perfect December Friday.

So much else.... going to list it out - short and sweet

1- new house!  baam- we closed escrow on Friday- we are moving to Encintas 12/30!  Yee haw-

2- offer on hold house - no details don't want to jinx

3- swam 25,000 yards this week- hair stylist " um, what have you been doing to your hair other than abusing it?" She suggest coconut oil. Great idea....until I wake up to Roo sucking on my hair.  Speaking of Roo...another Oofos bites the dust.  That dog can jump 5 feet to get an Oofoos... and now I am down to 1 pair of hot pink and 1 mixed pair (1 purple and 1 teal)  So if anyone has any extra size 8 Oofos I'l buy them, even a right black one, see i have the left.  Swim goal 100k this month. 70,600 to date. 10 days to go - 3K a day - travel 3 days, pool closed Christmas. - 8 days = 3750 a day- doable.  May have to do a few 6k swims but I'll get it done.  Swimming makes me HUNGRY but also nauseous.  Over 5000 and my belly is not happy and I cannot eat too much before so I have been a bit bonky and not recovering too well, paying for it the next day.  Nutrition is key!  for the 10k swim- at 600 calories before and had a bottle with 300 calories but could not get it down, barely got in 12 oz water.

4- Pedicure- nail lady says " what on earth do you do to your feet?"  #hokatoes  Will I ever have 10 toe nails?  not sure

5 - New bike :)  Cervelo P3 black, Di2, 11 speed- got it just in time to I have not been on an inaugural ride.  But will soon.

6- return to Yoga is humbling.... can i use 2 blocks?  not that bad but really, really stiff, imbalanced and not heat prepped- lots of "childs pose for me"  and even a little savasana,  But I am committed!   flexibility, strength, heat - its all good!

7- Work.. what holiday?  traveling 12/21-23.  Its GOOD -  busy is good!

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