Monday, November 3, 2014

The only thing you can control is your attitude

This was what Mike Reilly (voice of Ironman) into the loud speaker minutes before I started my first Ironman.  And he is is a long day with a lot of unknowns, keep your attitude in check and the journey is more pleasant. Will you still suffer? yes.  May you consider quitting? maybe.  But you will prevail....

With the cancellation of Ironman Tahoe due to fire and the cancellation of the swim this weekend at Ironman Florida due to severe riptides and high winds we need to be prepared mentally for anything. Ironman is about months of training and sacrifice.  You have missed social engagements, stayed at home when others went out for happy hours, skipped the dessert to get to race weight, been tired, hungry, sore and grumpy for weeks all in anticipation of the big day!   You have sacrificed! 

You visualize the big day...but what it the big day brings 4 flat tires, 30 mph winds, rain, hail, cancellations...what will you do?  Other than a cancellation you will persevere, pull up your tri shorts, suck it up and enjoy the journey.  You are privileged to be doing such an epic event. This is your choice, your dream and about your goals- so live it, embrace it and enjoy it what the day brings.  

When Tahoe was cancelled I had athletes racing and it was devastating, I now I would have been angry, sad, frustrated.....but my favorite comment back to me from Tracy "yes I am disappointed, but I feel much worse for the people who have lost their homes"    In the scheme of things....yes we are lucky!  

So for those of you toeing the line int he next few weeks in Arizona, Cozumel etc.... be ready for ANYTHING!   Embrace it all and know if you can prevail you will be an Ironman! 

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