Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Notes on racing

From Superseal to Oceanside to Wildflower.....4 races with lots of levels of athletes.  My rant recommendations. thank you for listening

1- it is a RACE so when exiting the water RUN, not walk, to your transition.  If you choose to walk or saunter then get off the mat- the mat is for people running NOT walking.
2- DON'T do the breastroke ever  in the middle of the course.  If you are doing alternative strokes get out of the main path of swimmers, for your sake and for those of us swimming.  You are less likely to get run over, unless a faster swimmer is really off course.
3- Ride on the RIGHT, not the middle, not the left, not the postman, stay to the RIGHT unless you are passing someone.
4- If you pass, then move to the left pass, and move back to the RIGHT, not the middle, not the left.
5- if there is a UTurn, and yes some absurd races add them to the bike course, then hold our line.  Don't start wide and cut in or start narrow and weave out and DON'T, please don't stop.   If you are scared, go really wide (hold your line) slow down and execute the turn.
5- Run in a straight line, this is not swimming where going straight is tough, and stay to the right.
6-  When running through an aid station if you don't need aid move to the left - yes this is your time to go LEFT.  See the aid stations are on the right and if one is trying to get fuel to avoid bonking or dying  it helps to not have to reach around someone.
7 - In in doubt... stay right!
8-  if you are newer to racing or unsure of the rules- ASK, or listen to the pre-course talks to better understand the rules, the course etc.

Thank you for listening 

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