Friday, November 15, 2013

Beet Juice on the Bike

So I juiced a bunch of beets, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, apples and limes and bottled 4 bottles on Sunday.  Tuesday ride, I filled water bottle with the juice and it gave me power to get up Del Dios.  Tasted great, a bit like dirt but well beets taste like dirt,  and all was good.
Wednesday I went for it again....and well that was 1 day too long.  It was a bit carbonated, fermented,  and let's just say that did not sit so well with me on the ride.

I like the juice on the bike, especially if it is post swim as I am looking for some good calories.  I did less celery and no kale on this batch and it was good.  I think next time I will freeze the bottles so they are fresh.  

Today was great fun.... Les, Maureen and I met at BG Club for a planned 5k swim, The pool chemicals were off, smelled like sulfur and my tongue was stuck to my cheek and if you smiled your lips stayed there.  Not so good.... At 3300 yards they closed the pool - danger chemical imbalance.  Seriously 2 shower later I still smell like bleach have used Coconut Oil as lotion and it was sucked right up.  We moved to the therapy pool- 90 degrees and managed 300 and was feeling sick. Although I can see a hot pool maybe good heat training.  We strapped on the belts and aqua jogged for 45 min Full chatting and we looked like old ladies up and down the pool.  Onto our bikes for spin up the coast.... I am feeling like a real athlete again!!!!

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