Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Race gets in the way sometimes

 My bags are not packed, I am not ready to go....and we are leaving 7am tomorrow. Did I mention I am not at home nor will not be home until 6am.  You just never know.  Race week.... pre- race massage - cancelled, ART - cancelled ... life sometimes gets in the way.  On Friday on the way to coach at Ventura Cove my mom called to tell me she was at the Dr with a broken hip....Holy F!  U tun on my way.

I digress.....she did this the previous night at home, crawled around the floor to pull herself up to the rolling office chair and into bed. Took a Vicoden and managed to sleep. Awoke in pain but not enough  to 1- call me, 2- call what does anyone do with a broken hip? She got out Billy's walker, got in the car and had her hair done and THAN went to the Dr.   Where does my will to do Ironman come from?  Gee I wonder.

John and JD beat me to the Dr and suddenly the poor woman who drove herself in had 3 family members. The Dr has asked her if she had anyone local to help her?   argh..... We loaded her up and drove to the hospital and 5+ hours later she was processed and in a room.  Suddenly my open water swim and hot yoga did not matter so much.  After a restless night I was back at 6 to see her in pre-op and met her surgeon who thankfully was terrific and opted for 3 bolts vs a partial replacement-  he said15 minutes and he is done but really it takes a lot longer..... but by 9:20 he was back chatting to me and all went well. Silly me had my bike in the car thinking I'll take a quick spin.... not so much.  I worried and stressed in the surgery waiting room. By 11 she was in her room and doing great - starving in fact!

The next few days are a blur - hospital, home, hospital, a few hot yoga sessions and suddenly Vineman prep was out the window.  I am thankful she rebounded so quickly and thankful to be here- with Billy in a home I am not sure what she would have done.  I also realized I stood around a lot, hospitals are freezing, Kaiser has a Cafe Calabria coffee kiosk and their coffee is really good- and I drank a lot of it!!!   My mouth broke out in stress sores (thank you to my athlete who phone in the script), my infected site on my leg was red and scary (thank you to my mom for prescription topical bacitracin) to avoid the 3rd round of antibiotics and thank you to John for managing the dogs and to my kids for relieving me at the hospital and just listening.

Really it has been 5 days and feels like a long time- I am a wimp I know.... she is home and that is easier on me but not on her. She is interdependent and it is hard to be so with a walker.   I was gone most of today working, getting my car ready etc..... Thankfully Billy's daughter had a trip planned (arriving tomorrow) so we can still go to Vineman!

For now..I wish Mom speedy recovery.  As for Vineman...the race that was in question anyway - why in question

1- I am my own coach. I am confident in my coaching others but me well...not so sure and maybe it is because the coach is the one who is the athletes cheerleader and can remind you why you are ready. Me.... well lets see Crossfit, hot yoga, did I ride enough? was the Coronado 15k smart...who knows and well I really don't care.  My gaol with Vineman was to train differently and not stress!

2- I am exhausted...I fell asleep at the disgusting tire place today in a chair while I thought I was working on my laptop.

3- My legs hurt.... not sure why. Other than a lot of standing, walking and pacing.

4- My great race weight is not so great.... I ate a lot of the wrong foods for the last 6 days-  oh well...

What is good.... I get to reconnect with my husband!  We are going to a part of the state I love.  4 Teammates are racing and 2 of my athletes.  So many San Diego friends are racing... and bottom line this is a vacation with a 5+hour adventure on Sunday.  #nopressureracing

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