Monday, July 1, 2013

Local Racing.....SDIT

Sunday was San Diego International - one of the longest running SD Triathlons.  It seems 90% of the racers were from the Tri Club - such great fun racing with so many friends and acquaintances.
The race itself is an odd distance....short swim 1000 meters not ideal for me,  short bike - 18 miles  not ideal for me  and a 10K run- long in comparison....not not ideal for me.  But I toed the line anyway to race with so many of my team mates and friends.  I got beat by 30 seconds....  if only the swim was longer.   But I digress... even while suffering for 1:50 I did a lot of here it goes.  Please don't take this as arrogance on my part - as a coach and 7 years of racing I have learned a new things and only want to share

- DON'T line up front and center of the swim and look back and say "now you better not swim over me"  WTF  Don't position yourself front and center unless you are fast or don't mind being swum over.  Thank you Liz for speaking your mind!  

- PLEASE have your saddle height checked...I saw 10-20 people looking like Shriners on bikes- knees poking in the air due to the saddle being so low.  You don't have to lay out a lot of money for a bike fit, although I highly recommend everyone have one done, just take the bike to your local bike shop and ask a knowledgeable person in the shop to take a quick look at your position.  Trust me you are losing power and risking injury

- Have someone watch you ride....I see so many people riding with their their legs bowed out. Try to keep your knees in close to your top tube. They should almost brush the top tube and look almost "knock-kneed." Your knees create wind resistance, so keep them in. Watch a slow motion video of the time trials in the Tour de France, and you will see the top cyclists keeping their knees tucked in.

- Power trumps aerodynamics.  This is not Ironman Arizona where you need to race aero the entire time....You actually get the most power sitting up as high as you can.  Come out of your bars and use your power when climbing.

This is a short race- stand if you need to.  We have higher power while standing (you can take advantage of your upper body weight pushing down on the pedals), Note you use 10 to 12% more energy and it is more work for your core and back muscles as you pull up on the unweighted pedal.   Again (this is not a 70.3 or an Ironman) 

- Practice cornering and holding your line.... you should not drift over an entire traffic lane when cornering - chances are many others are cornering as well- if we all hold our line, we an all ride together.  Bike handling skills are important when racing.

- Ride on the right side of the road.  Pass on the left

- When mounting your bike out of T1, try not to stop just over the bike mount line front and center...either jump on and ride or move to the side.  There are others  behind you.  

- If you are going walk from the swim to T1 move to the side, people behind you maybe running. 

Okay I am done.....if anyone has questions or would like some help please contact me directly.....Believe me I am still learning and am open to opinions - these are merely my observations.

It was a fun many Nytro Women racing and we finished off the race with lunch at Stone Brewery in Liberty Station- clearly the place to be.  Massive place, beautiful grounds and lots of outside dining.   Great fun indeed!!! 

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