Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to school....

4 days.....40 hours of training and I am excited!! Day 1-2 Natural Running Clinic by Newton Running.  Good stuff..... back to the basics- running is landing on your fore or mid-foot or even your heel- the issue is over striding and landing with your foot in front of you.  Land with your foot under your body and you are golden!  Easy...well yes with some simple drills, feedback and a commitment. guess is over striding.  After fully understanding the bio-mechanics of the body and running it is easy to spot and not all that hard to correct with a motivated subject.  I am sponsored by Zoot and love Zoots...they make some great shoes with minimal heel stack - so you can find "less is more" shoes by other manufacturers....

Shoes.... less is better.  No need to run in Vibrams but really- heel stack, big shoes not helping.  Do your shoes fit?  take out the insole, stand on it and if any part of your foot hangs over- you have a problem.   We learned how to run efficiently, drills to instill
efficient running, how to videotape and critique and ultimately help others.  So much fun..... running is NOT hard okay it can be really hard but done correctly with a good plan, should not be painful.

So next investment..... mini iPad and ready to set up my run assessments!  We practiced on each other then randomly videotaped others to practice. Yeah!!!

I love coaching swimming..... but am super excited to help people with running!!!

I have to take my test, submit a video and then I can add "Certified Natural Running Coach" to my list of training!!! 

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