Thursday, May 16, 2013

Whole Food, Paleo, No Sugar, No processed food challenge

There are a lot of crazy diets (not weight loss but way of eating diet) these days...from Paleo to the Whole30day program..Riley and I have been talking about doing a "challenge" for a while and post Costa Rica seemed a good week to do it. We designed our own program.. whole food, no package and unaltered state.  Paleo is too strict as we need nuts (which is limited on Paleo) as R is vegetarian.  We also love fruit so we are not cutting that out.... we are cutting grains, dairy (well I was until CostaRevenge would not go away),  all processed foods, sugar and alcohol.   

What are we eating....fruits, lots of veggies in all forms, eggs (thank you Costo for selling 18 packs of Organic eggs), nuts (salted), avocado and more veggies.   I have had 1 cup of coffee per day with unsweetened almond milk - this is a biggie for me. I am a full pot a day coffee drinker + energy drinks which I have had ZERO of since starting this.  Wine - out of the diet. 

What am I missing... Mocha's from Starbucks - saving $$ though.  Quinoa chips -  while they are not bad as they are organic with minimal ingredients, I am sticking to it for a week. Chocolate covered acai berries- did not realize my addiction to those.  As for training- since I have been sick it has really been limited so not an issue...I put Nuun in my bottles ( I know it processed but I need electrolytes) and have had few Pure Bars when I was in a jam - yes processed but only ingredients are Wild organic blueberries, cashews and almonds with protein, fiber and antioxidants What I have realized is that already eat pretty close to this diet... so not a big change.   Riley is realizing this is good and we are considering week 2. 

Will see how this jives when I start training again.. for real. Since I booked a house for Vineman I better start riding again.  Tried 2x this week but no go.... once CostaRicaRevenge goes away- I am hoping to log some really slow  miles on the bike.  Going to pay the price for no riding in 3 weeks. 

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