Friday, December 21, 2012

20 hours and counting...

21+ hours in the saddle so far this week....and here are my comments

Sunday...legs and rear so sore from boot camp in Dallas that the ride was a struggle, clipping and unclipping was painful.  2.5 hours into the 4.5 hour ride I bought 2 pop tarts and guzzled a Monster.  Seemed to do the trick as I managed to finish the ride without crying.

Monday...this is one of my least favourite rides to begin with - riding up the Coast through Pendleton to Dana Point and back. True it is a good 100 miler but the stopping at all the lights kills me, We started in the drizzle, than it rained, finally cleared, lost my glove, riding my road bike sucked but was not willing to subject my new bike to the mud and grime from the rain, and just when I was starting to come out of my funk we ride into a squall and I melt down.  Darn near threw a fit, told KP to keep riding and I took my pity party and turned around.  Rode back into the sun and started feeling better.  Sort of a long break at 3.5 hours as I had to review 2 contracts and make some calls- at this point the sun was out and I was sitting outside with my pop tarts..I finally gave in and bought some as they seem to be the key to long rides these days.  At least these are organic and the list of ingredients is not any worse than any of the bars we eat.  Bottom line is carbs and sugar.  Work done and I am on my way with the goal of no stops so I ran every red light just kidding, I made a right turn at every light and did a lot of touring of neighborhoods or u turns but I did not unclip or stop riding. Score!  I did not log 100 miles...but did ride 5:30 at 95 miles and just did not have the mojo to do another 5.

Tuesday was a swim day and I nearly bailed....took all I had to get out of the car, into the rain and get in the pool.  I did and was glad to knock off a good swim.

Wednesday I felt 100% better....boot camp soreness gone!  thanks to oodles of  Betwixt Chamois cream my "parts" are faring well on the bike. That makes hours in the saddle manageable.   Today was sunny!  But cannot say it was warm.  This graph is hard to read (I know) but you this is the temperatures of the day....started at 51 at my house and by 30 minutes it was 37 degrees!  Not a cold front but headed inland and into the valley.  It was cold, cold... I was wearing base layer, wool arm warmers, wind vest, legwarmers, wool socks + toe covers and long sleeve gloves. NOT enough- needed warmer gloves, jacket and more on my feet.  But lucky for us by 10am it was in the high 50's and eventually in the low 60's.  But brrr.... Ride was great until 4 hours and then the legs started to complain.

Thursday....forecast is good! I am better prepared - added the jacket, toe warmers under my toe covers - these are the disposable ones used for skiing and they (coupled with wool socks) were the money!   And my Wombat Gloves  which are bulky but warm.  There is a wind/waterproof cover over the fingers which slips off.  The low temp today was 42 but there was a howling wind as we rode through Santa Isabel and climbed to Julian.   82 miles and 7800 ft of elevation. Solid ride in really, really tough conditions BUT I was warm.  My feet were warm the whole time and my hand sweaty with the big gloves.   Today the issue was properly fueling due to high winds...hard to take your hands off and drink, let alone dig in my jersey, under my jacket and vest for a cliff bar.  But no worries when we hit Julian I ordered up a large mocha and 2 peanut butter cookies from the Julian Pie Company.  These cookies are big, soft and loaded with calories....perfect!  So instead of 250 calories an hour I rode 3 hours with 100 calories, consumed close to 1000 in one sitting and no more the last 2 hours.  Not ideal.....but came out okay.    5:13 ride time, 83 miles and 7800 ft of elevation and wicked, wicked winds!!

I have had a few people make really snarky comments ask me genuinely how can I ride so much you must not have a real job or be on vacation  and still manage 2 jobs and your family?  Well kids...this week I have been up at 3 or 4am every day and working for 3-4 hours solidly before I ride.  I get all my HPN work done, catch up with athletes and monitor training and then head out and ride.  2 days I had a mid- ride conference call and reviewed a contract and then am back working by 1 o 2:00 for the remainder of the day (night)  There is way to get it all done.... yes I have the flexibility of not sitting in an office but this is a really busy week and I am finding a way to get it all done.  Even having family dinners and attended An American Christmas with my Mom and daughter. at the Hotel Del Coronado.  Friday is about swimming and wrapping up a lot of work related issues and then  one more day in the saddle on Saturday, swim and try to pull off  a run  Sunday and then we are off on Monday for 16 days in Cambodia!!  No training- a serious 2 week break to let all the work soak in.  


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  1. Oh I *love* when people make snarky comments about our training!! #not

    Good work this week! I thought I was riding a lot... not this much though! ;)