Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cool Opportunity...

Ashton Eaton Vogue Photo Shoot- VERY COOL
My job (well both of my jobs HPN Global and Don't Get Dropped Triathlon Coaching allow me to lead a great lifestyle and open up amazing opportunities.

I travel more than I would like with my HPN Global job but it it critical to spend time with customers, see hotels and the locations where I negotiate contracts.   I am well taken care when I travel and I don't take that for granted!  But really, I have traveled for 20+years and frankly prefer to be home with my family.  But to meet, well exceed my clients expectations, I need to travel.  But when work calls....I work!   People always occasionally accuse me of not working much, but I do work, just no 9-5 at a desk job like many of  you.   I work 7 days a week ( not 8 hours a day but I am working every day),  I work nights and weekends, I stop on the GWL to return calls and reply to emails, I check my phone after swim and before the run to make sure all is okay.    My job is more about being available most of the time.  When my customers need help I am available, when they don't need me or a hotel does not need an answer, I am swimming,biking, running  doing long term planning and soliciting new business.

I met his Mom as well....she rocks and there is no question
as to why he is who he is!  His fiancee to the left
Coaching rocks....really I don't have to lay out what it entails but I love it and this too requires nights and weekends; reviewing workouts, monitoring athletes, responding to emails and planning.  But this I LOVE, it is my passion!!!  I admire my athletes and their commitment to triathlon while balancing life.  When I started coaching I never imagined how much I would learn from my athletes...it is amazing. 

So I am in Orlando for my HPN Global job....major customer has their annual event which I booked for them and I have not been able to see the event live prior to this year.  The event is the 1st./2nd week in October and the last 3 years I have been Kona bound and travel was really not ideal.  Lucky for me, my customers know my life of Ironman and is really understanding.... But this year no Kona so I am traveling like a fiend this fall. 

The bonus of this trip is the keynote speaker is Ashton Eaton- Olympic Gold Medalist for the Decathlon.   He is the son of my clients close high school friend so I was following him through the trials and watched him capture gold in London with tears running down my eyes.  This is a guy who hugs his mom and fiancee regularly and is humble and appreciative.  I digress....my clients company ran an internal contest of some kinds and the top 3 won an workout with Ashton.  Well my client knows me and instead of run of the mill thank you (not that I need a thank you- this is my job and she is my client)  they invited me to the workout. 

Pick up the pace....Ashton says "fastest it goes is 5:00.mile"
Can I tell you I met him Monday night and he is beautiful  and he is a refined, polished young man. Firm hand shake and looks you in the eye.   He spoke Tuesday and was great...so come the workout.  He took us through his daily warm  up.  WARM UP 
5 min ez on the treadmill ( I was next to him and his easy was 7:00 mile)
3 min fast and he maxed out the tm at 5:00 pace and was talking to me

Grab a medicine ball-
20 min of hell and torture exercised that work all your muscles for decathlon.  Hello the decathlon uses every muscle you have...after the throws, jumps, lifts, "toss" against the wall, core work we moved on.  Ok the 4 of us are sweating profusely and Ashton is midly misted.  

Next we did a series of push ups, planks, burpees.....it was amusing and I did my best.   We finished off with sprints....wind sprints.  His stride and speed is simply ominous...well best it the world.
Me saying "right" just like that
It was great fun and I can tell you just a few hours later....I will be sore tomorrow.   I had the chance to chat with him and a few interesting thoughts...
- always takes off 3 months - off, totally off after the World Championships or Olympics
- 2 work outs a day vs 1 long workout of 4-5 hours
- stretching AFTER workout only
- after all workouts ice/heat/ice  - much easier with the facilities he has access to
- cool down runs and recovery done on underwater treadmill

Now Ironman and Decathlon are polar opposites....but some of the cool drills we did - I am going to incorporate into my post runs as well as my athletes.
- high kicks
- high knees - but with a short stride, keep your feet under you
- butt kicks but keep knees bent
- 200 yards build from faster to all out
- sideways running
- skipping
- bounding

In closing.....

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