Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend of local racing

Since I did not do a 70.3 this year...thank you broken leg and life...I did not have to suffer in the searing heat of Vegas at the 70.3 World Championships have the privilege of spending my weekend in Las Vegas racing the 70.3 World Championships. Hats off to all who endured the heat....

seriously we are not fried... just look that way
It was a double whammy weekend of racing in San Diego...wait it actually started on Thursday with the TCSD Aquathon - Tri Club San Diego is the best... From May -Sept on the 2nd Thursday there is an Aquathon at La Jolla Shores- 1000k swim and 5k run on the beach- free to members and guests - a real race with timing chips followed but full dinner!  Seriously it is amazing.  And I was so thrilled that both Riley and John did the race.  Seriously a dream family night!    And to top it off I forced encouraged 2 of my athletes to face their fears and come out for the fun!! Well done.

Okay so Saturday was the Tri Classic- a local race put on by an awesome bike shop Moment Cycle.  I had an athlete racing and some of my "swimmers" racing as well so Riley, Mako and I made a day of cheering.  It was so much fun. We saw so many friends, tri clubbers and general racers.  We were all over the course cheering and encouraging them on. Mako was the most popular and loved his day on the Tri Circuit. Riley was handing out coaching fliers for me and cheering along the way.  Huge congrats to Thao for a PR and stellar race!!

Onto Sunday and it was my day to race....Tri Rock- 1500M Swim, 23 mile bike and 6.5 mile run- all downtown and flat.   Swim was decent, bike was gnarly- 27+ turns on a 3 loop course with a lot of beginner riders. Had one girl literally get off her bike at a U -Turn. Surprised many others did not crash.  Course was was not entirely clear how many loops and there were no timing mats to ensure everyone did all 3 laps.  The run was 2 loops and along the bay- it was my test for the day and it was awesome!  I dug deep and ran a near PR in a race.  Super happy to see a bit of speed and negative split the run. 

The race was not huge and I knew where I was relative to others in my AG - so I was stunned to see the "preliminary results" and see someone had beat me by over 10 minute and had also won the entire race AND was 5th overall (to the guys)  hmmmm was a bit suspect when she (the supposed winner) was stunned she won, but was not stunned that she rode 27mph and ran a 6:20 pace...I told her I was impressed and asked if she was an ex-pro or an elite??? No...just had a great race.  Hmmmmm  So on we go the awards and i accept my 2nd place AG award.  She was not present to win her overall award or her AG award and when her name was called seems someone recognized it and was pretty sure she did not PR by 45 minutes.   Apparently she missed a loop on the bike and the run. Oops.... but was to embarrassed to say anything.

happy mom with R....1st place mug is on its way

The sad thing is the true overall winner would have been awarded an electric guitar on stage (with her boyfriend who was the male overall winner) and someone in our AG would have been on the podium.  Really sad.... Interesting race when people can "not" finish be be given an award.   It was not malicious but still....there is only one time to stand on the stage.   Oh well - life and times in the world of triathlon! BTW when you race....take the time to listen to the course talk- actually undertand what you are doing.  Just my .02

And to cap off the night with a near miss....head butt with Mako in the park- I was reaching for his ball and he was looking to run.  OUCH!!!!!  Thank goodness he did not break my nose.

Keep my step dad in your thoughts and prayers...he is in the hospital.  We are hoping for a positive turn tomorrow.

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