Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting out of town

What a came and went in a gigantic blur.  My step father has been hospitalized since last Thursday and supporting my mom and he in this time has become front and center focus. Navigating the hospital system..Dr's, RN, CNA, aids etc can be a full time job.  Wanting to meet with the Internist and Neurologist each day means camping at the hospital.  They come between 12-6pm... and if you miss them it is really hard to find out what they did/saw/thought...etc. 

So I worked out a routine of getting up and training and then heading to the hospital for a quick check in on my mom and then working at home until mid day and then packing up and camping out.  The hospital is brand new, beautiful and has wi-fi so fortunately for me I was able to work and support.  Having mobiles businesses is so critical in times like this.   Billy is getting better each day and we are hoping he will be moved to a Skilled Nursing Facility today....

John and I have had plans for months to attend the Kickstarter Conference (more on that in a minute) Come Thursday I realized there was really no way I could leave town as my Mom is so tired and needs moral support ...,but thankfully my sis in Boulder agreed to come for a long weekend- which is great..My mom and I are have run out of conversation and are probably a bit tired of seeing each other :)  Not really... but it is good for all of us.  I need a break and K can step in.

So Kickstarter- you know it?  My husband is obsessed love it.  He has been fascinated since its inception and when he found out they were having a conference he was in.  He was so excited and I said yes go..have fun and he said I really want you to come and I said yes go and he said I want to go with YOU and I get the picture. See I don't love kickstarter, I like it, but not the same level of passion.  But I am sure he did not LOVE every Ironman race but he willing goes and supports me to no end, So I say "I'm in" Great....the conference sold out.  Hmmmm okay- he booked flights and a room and said let's go together and you can hang out and do whatever.

Well I am excited for that!  I have a key client in Portland so that is really convenient and I am meeting with them today- so business + pleasure.   I have few other appointments set up as well so Friday will be a busy work day... John will be conferencing... As for the weekend I was planning on drinking good wine and beer (Portland is know for that right?) but then I had the desire to find an adventure.... really I wanted a run of some kind.  Well I found one all right.  The Chehlem Challenge  The Chehalem Challenge is just that, a challenge. The Chehalem Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for this test of endurance. Because Tough Mothers do "More Than..." every single day, the "More Than" Half Marathon is designed to require strength, perseverance, and discipline. The "More Than" Half Marathon is 14 miles in length with 6 miles of gravel, a 1068 foot elevation climb in the first 5 miles. Yet, just past mile 5 you've reached the summit (!) and a beautiful "mountaintop experience" awaits you as you run along the top of Chehalem Mountain with view of the Newberg Valley. Breathe deeply as you run through the fresh air of farmlands and forests. At mile 10 you begin a 2 mile climb with a 488 foot elevation change before you run the final 1.5 miles downhill to the finish. There will be water/aid stations throughout the course to replenish the bodies.
Race is timed and results will be posted as runners finish.
I booked a massage for Saturday afternoon....and the rest of the weekend?  lots of athlete plans to update and some RnR and fun with John! 

A nice weekend away....yeah!

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