Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good news from the Dr!

Last weekend was better than the previous 3.....well not really as I would rather be back in AU- but it was better than my last San Diego weekends...why? I get to ride my bike. After 4 days of trainer/spin classes I took a test ride on the road and learned quickly that the challenge is not unclipping with my opposite foot, it was balancing the bike on the road once I unclipped.  So that went okay and I soon learned that twisting my leg in vs out did not bother my injury so I was good to go. 

Friday was a test with 1 hour, Saturday 2 hours and Sunday 3 hours!! gadgets as I don't want to see my unreasonably high HR or my really low  Power, I just wanted to ride.   I figured if I was riding outside and walking about okay it was time to loss the Cam Boot- self diagnosis indeed.  So I began walking about and the leg felt okay it was the ankle- locked up and sore.

I went Rehab United  on Monday for an injury assessment and to get a jump start on my PT. These guys seriously rock.  The screen was nearly an hour and measured my right leg, foot, ankle, hip vs my left in flexibility, strength, balance etc.  It was left leg is always weaker but to see the numbers and especially now- holy cow!   My hip is totally locked up, surely from the 2inch heels cam boot I have been wearing and the flexibility is not good.   Now I have some serious stretches and exercises to begin the road to recovery.   While I am riding (yeah- did I mention how excited I am) and swimming, I was hoping to start running sooner than later.  RU says NO- even if the bone can stand it ( and I had not seen the Ortho yet) the ankle is too weak and I am just asking for trouble.

While I did not expect to run just 4 weeks after...I was hopeful, see if I could run, then Oceanside would be a possibility- a slow one but possible.  RU says not likely to run for 2 more weeks.  And I did see the Ortho and they did an xray- good news is there is a big callous on the bone so the Cam Boot is gone (which by the way is really good- 4 weeks and that thing reeks).  But the Ortho says 3-4 weeks before I will run, again due to the ankle. When I fell I also sprained my ankle and immobilizing the sprain in the boot does not promote healing, the tendons locked up and are still swollen and sore.

So...onward we go and I will figure out my racing season later.   For now, stretching + exercises, PT 2x a week and lots and lots of cycling (every day in fact) so at least my bike fitness will be back soon and my swim is just fine,  When it's time to run, I will be ready!!!

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