Friday, November 11, 2011

Puppies recover faster than humans....

Mako woke up around 5am ready to rock and roll....leaping and bounding and his offering his whole body waggle.   He seems to have forgotten the trauma of yesterday.  I was so worried he someone blamed me but the morning greeting assured me he still loves me.  The porker, now 11 lbs-  that is a 6.5 lb weight gain in 3 weeks, was hungry.  We are doing a lot of training with him so he gets a lot of his food that way- working for his food. Sarah, our dog trainer, believes a dog should never have a bowl to eat from- they need to earn their food- training, tricks etc-   As for Zen he now has food puzzles-   this is his favorite   - he has to drag it around and the food comes out. We have to do this outside or the floor becomes a slobbery,slippery mess.  Keeps him very entertained and working for his food! 

Here is the other option - he rolls it around and the kibbles fall out.  He particularly likes this one when he can get Mako to roll the ball and he eats the kibbles- I guess that is call "management."

Veterans for the kids!  And that means puppy care for me- yeah.   After an invigorating early AM with the dogs I left a sleeping puppy and headed to pick up Liz and out to Great Western Loop we headed.

Wow... I have been riding some since Kona but not climbing much.    I know it's the off season, we were riding and chatting not doing any intervals nor had power goals..but I did glance at the Garmin as we passed the Bee Keeper and gulp....really 1:44?  Um usually we are around 1:30 when we are working pretty hard, 1:35 when a bit more chatty....1:44- the problem is not so much the time, but the PE.... did not feel like 1:44.  Well the conversation was good...thank you Liz!  And a bit of a relief in that my Garmin was not programmed to auto stop- so we had the porta pottie stop and all the traffic lights (that don't exist- but sounds good anyway)  No worries.... good reminder why NOT to have a computer. 

It was a beautiful but not cold, started cloudy and cleared to sweeping views of  the valley.  With the rain last weekend the hills are greening up....truly my favorite time of year to ride!!!  And if I am lucky I will get to do it again on Sunday!

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