Sunday, November 6, 2011

On the bike again....

Friday I decided to take off my race wheels from Kona, de-rust the chain, clean off the scum and get my TT bike ready to ride.  I really wish I would have dumped a gallon of water on the bike....smelly!   I ended up getting it ready but when I rolled out Saturday I chose my road bike.  The bike feels like IM Training and I am not ready to go there...the road bike, even though it has a power meter, it just different. No expectations and no worries.

I did a test ride in Wed with C and my toes held up well!  So Saturday I rolled out with the girls and it was great. We rode 3:15 ish and it was a loop I used to do all the time....but it has been a while so it was great.  Climbing up Scripps Poway Parkway reminded me I have really not ridden in a month.... yes fitness does go away when you don't do much.  

The day was poured rain Friday, huge rain cleaned up the roads and cleared the air. It was a chilly 49 when we rolled out so I had to dig out arm warmers (no coolers today), leg warmers, socks ( I never wear socks) and my vest.  No scull cap or full finger gloves, come on the sun was coming out.... the day was chilly and so clear it was wonderful.   Kristin, Liz and I were out for socializing and riding while Amy had  bit of work to do.  I happily let her go on her intervals.... no need to be uncomfortable right now. 

I was feeling ambitious, and since it is the weekend and Mako has puppy care, I headed to the gym for a strength session. Worked hard and did NOT drop any weights.   I really want to build some strength this off season.  Funny thing is my legs were a bit tired from the ride and I had to lower my weight on the squats.   Finished up thoroughly sore and came home and promptly took a nap.  Hard to believe 6 weeks ago I could bang out a 5+ hour ride, T run and be good to go..... Losing fitness is GOOD and will be valuable next year but it is hard....I am committed to keep losing it however!

So the toes are less ugly, bruising is fading and the pain is pretty much gone unless anything lands on them or I try to push off them.  Going to be a while before I am running but I am happy to be riding a bit and that is fine for now...Coach mentioned I could do a lot of swimming...I noted or NOT.  

Puppy training, dinner with my Dad and K, dinner on Saturday at friends and the weekend is complete...Riley has lacrosse tryouts and JD is finishing up his community service volunteering a Race for a Cure. 

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  1. Just getting caught up on your blog and just have to say that MAKO is the cutest puppy ever. I have always wanted a vizsla...