Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mama Bear....

My baby was attacked today and it was horrific..... we headed out the park around 2:30 to have a little play time.  Mako was loping along behind Zen and I was hoping for some more brotherly play.  They did their usual checking out of the park and then I threw rope/ball and off they went....Zen ran right by and another dog swooped it up.  Kona took of with the Kong and Mako was on his heels running and playing.  He dropped the Kong and I threw it again and Kona again took off with Mako on his heels.  Soon Kona lays down with the ball and Mako is stalking him and now the owner says " my dog is sometimes not good with puppies or small dogs" The low level panic starts in me and now Mako is in the Kona's face and I don't want to run and grab him for fear of sudden movements startling a dog.

Well before I knew it Kona had Mako pinned and was aggressively biting him....It was sheer horror, Mako was screaming and crying and Kona was tearing at him and snarling....Luckily his "owner" was able to get him off fast and I picked up a crying and trembling Mako.  He was crying and shaking so hard and I just ran with him.   We got home and he cried and hid under the couch.  He was whimpering and hiding.... I finally put a blanket under the couch and he curled up on it. 

A few minutes later he woke up yelping and off to the Vet we went.  Luckily nothing broken, no stitches, a few punctures and a nasty cut on his head.   We came home and he hid under the couch and slept....I laid on the floor with my hand out and he hardly sniffed...I began to think he was somehow associating me with the attack.

Eventually he went into a sound sleep ....John came home a few hours later and was able to get him to drink some water and soon he was creeping out and ravenous for chicken. We were able to get his meds in him and he went out and pottied....crashed out again and his precious head is swelling and bloody. 

So sad.......I have never seen the dog in our park nor the owner...I did not get her information- the Vet said I should make her pay the bill.  Right now I just want my happy waggy tailed puppy back....hopefully a good night sleep and he will have his swagger back.  For now....he is hurting and his mama is too...

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  1. Oooooh gosh this is horrible :( I'm so sad for you and the baby!! Even as a 3-year old, my vizsla is also the more "passive" one when he is playing with aggressive dogs...