Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gym Rat

I have become a gym rat....sort of like returning to the scene of a crime or for me the accident.  Get back on the bike after you fall off or in my case, pick up the weights and rack them on the race vs on my foot. 

The other reason I am at the gym is I can do the Elliptical with broken toes...good fast cardio!   So in sticking to my off season....I am swimming one day a week- max 45 minutes, not running (but only because my toes are broken) and riding 2x a week.  But I need some cardio or I go nuts.....early AM works best as I have puppy care.  Mako is up to 2 hours alone now- yeehaw!!! But see I have to work as well so I cannot use all that time for training.  

Mako is up by 5:30 and now with the time change we can go out walking by 6....although I have to carry him this first 10 minutes because it is cold...and then he is good to go and we are up to 1.5 miles.  He still has loads of energy and I drop him upstairs with the kids and head to the gym,  So I get in cardio and then lift.   Know I know why I don't lift a lot when I am training hard.....it makes me really, really sore....I keep thinking I did a monster workout and then realize it was the 3 sets of squats which make me as sore as a hard 80 mile ride.  Whatever.....  I am doing it!!!

The gym is not nearly as social as riding and running with my friends...but it it feels good!  Tomorrow I meet coach at the gym to get a serious routine.  Maybe I'll get ripped in the off season.

What else is new....Zen is finally playing with Mako!  So fun....they rolled and played for nearly an hour and now.....both are passed out snoring! perfect!!

What else.....taking care of the rest of my life!   dentist, doctor...all the things that are ignored when I am training hard.  Working...yes doing a lot of that as well.   Sleeping- not so much.....

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