Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random thoughst on Kona

  • Love the Island, love the town, love Ironman ....need to find a way to love the Ironman in Kona
  • Kona Coffee is the best especially Coffees of Hawaii
  • Swim up  coffee bar is a highlight of the week   (well maybe 2nd to running down Alii at the finish)
  • I am so thankful for all the friends I have met in this amazing to see them all in Kona!
  • More sunscreen next time!  My back is molting right now
  • Wish I had not donated my orthotic to the Island Gods
  • Nutrition plan?  Taking suggestions on one that keeps my fluids in my body!
  • Blister prevention- actually I have all the aids but used none of them- why?  I'm stupid sometimes
  • Kona is HOT!
  • Euro's shopping in speedo's is funny
  • TYR;s new Special Ops Goggles ROCK!! Polarized, NO Goggle marks and they are the best...available in 2012 - look for them
  • Half Ass Donkey Balls (frosted) are as good as sex
  • 4 Ironman Athletes, 2 athletes not racing but riding and 2 teenagers can eat and drink ALOT in a week!
  • Ron Tribendous's wife is a saint.... 8 3/4 months pregnant and she wanted Ron to come and race in Kona- she deserves an easy birth with this kid
  • There are some really fast people in Kona
  • There are a lot of really nice people in Kona and a few not so nice
  • Less wind means it is much hotter! 
  • Craig Alexander is a good guy!
  • Mike Reilly's induction into Ironman Hall of Fame at the Awards Ceremony was awesome
  • The swim in Kona is the toughest of any Ironman
  • Doing Vegas 70.3 and Kona is not a good idea (for me anyway)
  • Seeing the pro's in front is inspirational but seeing the ones in the back suffering and gutting it out is also inspirational -they have bad days too
  • For $600+ to race I want MORE Porta Potties....have to wait in line is just not fair- Garmin says 6+ minutes in idle time :)
  • Biestmilch wins the award for viral marketing....create the demand, give out swim caps and very cool t-shirts. How many people really know they are pimping "colostrum or the foremilk, this quintessentially natural substance, which is produced by the mammary glands of all female mammals "  Have not tried it but love my shirt
  • World Bicycle Relief is a cool org.....and brilliant with the marketing- nice pink and green t-shirts with the number 89,707.  What does that mean, everyone asks? # of bikes given away to date
  • Can everyone come to Kona 10lbs heaveir next year vs leaner and faster?  Just asking

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