Friday, September 30, 2011


Wow 2 days of fun on Oahu....come and gone!  Just took a quick nap in order to ensure I am awake to pick up John and the kids at 9:30.

Arrived late Wednesday and checked into a sensational suite - holy cow- check out the living room
and there is a master bedroom and another room with 2 beds.  I could get lost in here alone....thank you for the generous room Kelly Sanders, General Manager at the Sheraton Waikiki (my old boss)  And thank you for the nice amenity....I was starving after the huge meal zero food that was served on my 5+hour flight and was too tired to stop along the way.  Nothing like a cold glass of Sterling Chardonnay, smoked Gouda and fruit and the entire box, 2 small chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts I devoured nibbled on.

Crashed in bed and was up early....gotta love the time change.  Got some work done and was off to Kaimea Beach to meet Michelle Simmons We met at the popular open water swimming spot near Waikiki.   We swam to the windsock and then hung a right and swam for 15 minutes, hardly moving mind you.  We paused and chatted a bit and then swam back the same distance in 6 minutes-can you say current.  Then as we followed the pipes back to shore it was a sensation of a washing machine - pushed out pulled in.... but the water was stellar- crystal clear and warm!  I would swim open water living here that is for sure!!

After the swim I had an ez run and hit the road heading toward Diamond Head.  So nice to be in a different environment and exploring new territory!  

Workouts done and I showered and changed. I had  busy afternoon- was looking at 2 hotels for my HPN clients and then calling on 2 bike shops for ZocaGear  The sites are no brainers...the sales calls were a learning experience.  My first call was nothing short of a disaster... Couple a really sophisticated buyer with the first time I am showing my samples- they were totally disorganized, falling all over, I could not find what I needed as he was asking me what type of thread we use.... He was asking questions that I am sure were not in my training materials, not that I could find those either.... after all that he tells me is will not longer be the buyer come November- what....actually for me, probably a blessing.  I gathered my gear, put my tail between my legs and departed.  Okay I had 30 minutes before my next call.  1- went to Von's and bought freezer bags for each kit!  done 2- Starbucks for a lot of caffeine and sugar.  3- reviewed all my materials.

And the 2nd call was awesome...I was there for over an hour, he is VERY interested and it went well!  Okay, I can do this.  The only issue is my eyes have taken a dive since last week.... seems turning 45 is the magic year for me needing reading glasses. I pulled out our pricing list and it was like, really?   What is this font 6?  I was trying to read it and had to sort of he has on reading glasses and asks if I want to borrow them.  I used to bond with my customers drinking beers now we share reading glasses.

Off to my final hotel and it was a full day....time to sit outside overlooking the ocean and enjoy seared ahi and a nice glass of wine! I keep thinking maybe I should skip the wine, well with Ironman now 8 days away.... maybe when I am a week out??   Anyway a smashing day!

Up early today 4am....had some work to do and was sort of awake anyway- really 7am in CA.   Drove the Windward side of the Island, after stopping at Peets in the lobby!  Really- Peet's coffee in the lobby at the Sheraton Waikiki!

.  Met Michelle and Nalini at their pool...okay this pool is nuts.  You show up at 6:55 and people are waiting- no fee to get in for a 50 meter long course pool!  But wait there are no lane lines- right on. You don't get  lane per se you get the black line or to the right or left of it- so you have 16+- people swimming long course no lane lines and no clock. Really?  So we warm up 1000- all is fine...see I don't like swimming with a clock anyway, especially this close to a race- just don't want to know- if I feel good than great! If not, don't want to see the time.  So after warm up we have a set of 12x200 descend in 2's through 6/100 ez and repeat.  First set is okay...but by #6  I am not feeling the 2nd set, Nalani was miles ahead and Michelle mile ahead.  Was tough for me and not what I wanted to did I fight and hang on, no I slowed down about 20 seconds per 200 and finished.  Any fighting I have will be saved for October 8!

After swim we went to Michelle's and she graciously offered up her old TT bike- forgot my pedal wrench so she again graciously offered me her pedals and her shoes and her socks..... Since I had her shoes she was not riding with me.  She sent me North- ride until you feel like  turning around.  Sounds computer on the bike - good for me- no data.  So Michelle has Speedplay pedals  and I ride Look.  I have always wanted to try Speedplay (maybe not the week before a race, but well....anyway)  As I am riding off Michelle says the first time she rode Speedplayaero for fear of falling off.... had a tough time settling in, riding with ice skates, different bike etc and nearly turned around.  And then it clicked and I was feeling the Island charm.... I was loving the mountains, the ocean and the peaceful ride.  Before I knee it I was well past the 1 hour mark...oops- turned around and enjoyed the spectacular scenery home!

I rolled in and Michelle was just about to wonder what happened...oops I forgot I have an Ironman in 8 days!  Loved it.... Funny I walked in her house like we are long lost friends...sort of funny we met via blog land and only one time, last year in Kona, but someone clicked and it has been great hanging on her turf these past few days!  I hope she will come to San Diego sometime so I can return the hospitality!

Such fun...and I feel great, except for the disastrous swim! Legs are what really matters here!

Few more sales calls today...few more lessons- note to self- be sure to ask if they sell more than Mountain and BMX bikes...."so our one piece tri suits are not ideal for your BMX customer?  "  Another lesson...long sleeve jerseys and arm warmers not a big seller in Hawaii!  It's all good...I'm learning along the way.

So now I am enjoying the view from my paradise

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