Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane.....

Really is it time already..... It seems like a week ago or maybe 2 that I wrote the big check and accepted my Kona slot at Oceanside 70.3, back in April.  Gulp...where does the time go?  I raced Wildflower a few weeks later and then it was the big mid-season break and plenty of time to get really fit for Kona.  Oh right and Vegas 70.3 World Champs along the way.   Yet I don't really feel like I had all that time..... I sort of remember the "off" season- which really for me means little swimming and running and lots of miles on my bike.

And then I swear it was 10 weeks to Kona, drop the hammer, log the miles....get really fit and ready for Kona.  And now I have what 10 days.... shit, did I drop the hammer, did I log enough miles, were they the right kind of miles, enough aero time, enough climbing to build strength.... and the questions go on and on and on.

The thing about Triathlon is that even when you think you are really fit and ready to race you show up to a race and sure enough 1/2 the girls look fitter and faster.  Complete mind f&*k really.  As Jen put it.... she swears that she will be leaner and stronger than the year before when she shows up in Kona.  And the years that she is leaner and stronger, she still feels overweight and weak. See that is the thing about the World Championships- these people make it a goal to be as lean. as strong, as fit as possible.... ugh!   Too late...

Now don't get me wrong, this is not a "I'm so fat" post looking for "no your not comments" this is real thoughts... and for many others racing the same thoughts they have.  Walking around Vegas with a few of my friends I noticed them too saying. dang look how strong she is, look how lean she is part of our sport.

So this is when coach chimes in (thank goodness)  What  I don't know is who maybe too lean (really? yes possible), who is over trained, tired. injured, stressed....etc.  No one wears that on their face right-  okay, maybe he has a point.

The bigger issue is really how ready am I to race Ironman?   And race it well.... that is hard to say.  Sure we looked at Training Peaks  and looked at the data.... sure we know what I have done, but what we don't know is what will happen on race day.   And honestly with Ironman it is hard to say... sometimes I don't know until the run.... sometimes I think I know and then things go South.... This  is the first year I have not done more than one Ironman- good yes?  Yes I am not tired..... but then the doubt, I haven't done an Ironman this year- how will the marathon go?

So what else is different this year....
1- I am going earlier ( today in fact) 10 days before the race.  Not all play - few days of semi work in Honolulu but hoping the extra time helps with the heat acclimation
2- Entire family is coming- 1st year I went alone (bad idea), last year was John and me (and lots of friends there) good - but having the kids there will be great (I hope)
3- Less stressed... really and truly looking forward to the big Island fun- going to soak up all the fun again and enjoy the week- each year seems to be less stressful.
4- Goals- of course I have a goal, but really I want to enjoy the day- these women are the best in world and I am not sure I can hang with the best of them- and that is okay, really it is.  Top 10 and I will be more than happy!   For me to get on the podium it would have to be the perfect race for me + a little bit of race day magic, possible yes. realistic maybe.... setting my sights on it- not really.  I am feeling confident but realistic.

So I an eager toe have some fun in HNL. hopefully make some sales with my few job at Zoca,  enjoy my kids and husband, have fun with Jen, Chuck and Rob in our very cool (hopefully) house. hang with the many wonderful friends I have made in this sport - both those racing and spectating and have a good day on Saturday 10.8.

So as for the question about Zoca- new job? what you left HPN Global?   No I am multitasking.....HPN is my main gig, so to speak, love my clients and will continue to work hard for them as well as work with training new associates.   It's all good.... Zoca is a triathlon, cycling and running apparel company based in San Diego.  They want to grow the brand and need a local rep!  I am interested in doing more the world of multi sport - good match.  What drew me to Zoca is they are based in San Diego and all their stuff is custom made right here- no exporting overseas.  The quality is high and they are constantly making improvement and changes.  Even though my territory is Southern CA- I have all my samples and am eager to chat with local bike shops in Honolulu and San Diego!!!

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