Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gotta Blister...

I had not 1 but 2 blisters smack dab on the bottom on my foot.  Blister 1 was a deep blister, under the callous, on the ball of my foot- courtesy of my brilliant move of running Vegas World Championships sock less with my Orthotics (which I had only done for a 5 mile run)  This blister did not cause too many problems... could use the general blister band aids  and ran pretty well.  It was a recovery week and all but they worked just fine.

Until Sunday that is.... long run and I used regular band aids on top of the blister band aid just to be sure.  Well the skin below the band aid, the really tender skin on the arch of my foot, rubbed and created a big blister.  Now that one really hurt....hurt to walk even!

Yikes... last solid week of training and I need to run!   Here is the solution,,
1- soak in Epsom salts as many times a day as you can
2- when it's time to run.... give yourself 10+ minutes to prep
3- apply 2nd skin blister protection... a 3 step process that is great!  Basically you add a layer of skin that comes in a package, make a mole skin donut around the blister and the wrap with athletic tape,  If you are really serious, you wrap in Duct Tape- what the ultra runners do
4- put Blister Shield in your shoe.  Use 1scoop of this "powder" shake and rub inside.   It creates a water barrier that keeps the foot dry.  Amazing.....

It works!!!!

Running pain free and now I am down to 2nd skin and blister shield only! Out the door much faster.....

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