Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Racing Vegas was not the boost I hoped for...mentally that is, but I already cried about that race so onward.   The good thing about a crappy run is that the recovery is much faster....slower run means faster recovery.  After O'side I was smashed for a good week.  After Vegas by Tuesday I was feeling pretty good and running on Wednesday.  The massive blister on the ball of my foot was doing okay so I was feeling optimistic.  As the week rolled on I was feeling good and the legs loosened up. Come Saturday I was feeling looser than I did 1week ago, pre race.  Coach was clear and emphasized....save it for Kona.  Don't prove anything now..... so I did.  I rode mostly alone to ensure I was doing my ride and not sucked into someone else's pace.   Amy joined me for the middle 2 hours and that was perfect...the rest of the ride was me and my iPod.

Come Sunday...other than very little sleep due to raising teenagers and dealing with late night crises, altered states, misinformation... I was ready for my long run.  I decided to put a band aid on my blister just to be safe- BAD IDEA...as I created a new blister on the skin rubbing against the band aid.  Ouch, ouch... this one big and puffy on my arch.   Dang it..... But the good news...run was solid and my foot DID NOT hurt.   The nagging, painful random injury was 99% gone. Why? Probably because I finally went to a Podiatrist who told me it was nerve damage and it will slowly get better 6mos-2 years (yes years) and that I could not do more damage...I think that was all I needed to know-that I could not hurt it any more.   And the fact that Dave Jewell at Zoot  is a rock star in making sure I have the right shoes for training and racing.  Thank you!!!

And here we are less than 3 weeks to the big day..... I am feeling good and coach has a solid week on the books- instructions are NO mistakes, NO adding volume or intensity, SAVE IT FOR RACE DAY.  This has not been an issue of late as I have been tired ...but I am feeling like it is coming together so it is tempting to test my fitness.  But I am not going to!

Today was fun....really fun!  Getting paid to ride with someone.  Okay that sounds desperate...this was a coaching gig.  Rode with someone getting ready for a big ride and she needed some tips on climbing, pacing, execution. Worked perfectly...I had 2 hours in the saddle and rode to meet her, had our active coaching session and rode home.   This is my kind of work....it was so much fun!

8 days and I am off to Hawaii.....Heading to Oahu for 4 days, 2 days all alone :) and I am super excited to hang out and train with Michelle S on her turf.  John and the kids arrive on Friday and then we all head to Kona on Sunday!!!  

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to hang with you in a few weeks... Oh wait- is that next week!? OMG. Your coach is right- don't test your fitness now! Oct 8 is the test. :)