Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Zen

So Zen is our chocolate lab who has had skin issues since we rescued him 6+ years ago....he goes through phases of constant scratching and biting. Yes, I take him to the vet when it gets bad and we put him on meds. But on a daily basis he can be seen or heard scratching or biting...I tend to holler at him to STOP ZEN.

But I head into day 6 of the horrible affliction I empathize with him and am shamed for all the times I yelled at him to stop and did not offer assistance.  I am sure he has raging itching is places he cannot reach and he does not have the dexterity to use a towel to aggressively scratch the itch.

Itchy skin is horrible.....When there are red welts, blisters and lesions that is not fun either.  But as the wounds heal there is phantom itching, perhaps akin to what someone feels after losing a limb?  I am not sure.  But at 7 days post outcropping my skin is 70% better- buy my skin is crawling (literally feels like 1000+ ants) at any given time of the day.  It moves from my hands to arms and chest. 

Seriously.... I am sorry to whoever put this hex upon me!!! I will repent, just tell me how.

I have quit most of the Mexican meds as I have no clue what they really are.....the itching stops in the water and at random times of the day. Nighttime it takes on a life of its own and thus sleep is a limited option.... Ice feels great but is not a long term solution.  

I carry a candle of solidarity with Zen and anyone else with major skin issues…..I always have know skin is the largest organ with the most nerve endings…but now I REALLY get it!

So here we are out last night in paradise and yes the affliction is better.. but long from being gone!

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