Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cancun and Cozumel..the good and the bad

No photos? Why not.....well the underwater camera is well underwater, or at least is carrying a solid cup of water inside the camera so there will be no photo essay of the 2 tank dive trip we did today in Cozumel. One cool wall dive and a nice reef dive. Visibility was as far as you can see, water temp 80-85 and heavenly. Good day indeed!

Time of this blog...good question- seems when a watch says water resistant to 50 feet they do not mean it is resistant to 80 feet. Since we dove to 80 watch gave out- but it was fun being at 80 feet and the surface looking like it was 10 feet away. It was a crappy watch anyway.

Puppies’ breath does Riley- we had to shorten our first dive- I had 1500PSI's and Riley had 500. Early surfacing for us- but thankful she was vigilant in watching her air. 2nd dive she slowed down breathing and we maxed out the dive.

Seen 3 Dr's in Mexico...nice they come to my hotel room. 1st one came with big shots to clear up my raging rash. Combination of steroids (non performance enhancing- I have since learned- not even the benefit of doping through this ordeal) and antihistamine + anti-inflammatory. 50% improvement over night and another round I was well on my way to enjoying Cancun outside my hotel room- no sun allowed on the raging rash.

Great day on Wednesday leaving the crowdedness of hotel row in Cancun and took the ferry to Cozumel. 1st day I felt great and we had some fun at Senior Frogs and enjoyed live local music on the ride over. Water in Cozumel beckons blue and clear and inviting. We dumped our gear in the hotel room and went snorkeling- not a lot to see but nice to enjoy the water and get excited for our diving on Thursday.

Kids are getting along marvelously and I am pretty sure all the bartenders see their purple wristbands which mean virgin drinks! They have been great making sure I am not dying and checking in on me while quarantined from the sun.

I was not missing diving, was feeling much better and spent more $$ on my rash issue by investing in a 50spf rash guard for our day of diving. Each resort offers 5-10 restaurants for dinner and since it is all inclusive we can choose- we have been alternating casual and dressed up - pants and collared shirt for JD and dress for RM and mom - no flip flops.

Our Brazilian adventure was fun in Cancun and we opted for the nice Italian spot here in Cozumel. Kids had pizza? Really.... yes. With menus in Spanish I took the waiters recommendation for the "classic" Italian fish dish. Looked like a giant fish stick to me.... more vegetables please and another glass of wine and I will be fine. Brazilian Steak House was a win; Italian in Cozumel was a bust. But nice white cloth dining and a good refresher on which fork to use with each course.

 Mexican games and fun around the pool and off to bed.... Rash came alive around 11 and kept me awake and miserable until around 2am- more for the magical drugs. I was not missing diving and was sure the magical Mexican Caribbean would cure all. In the water, I am golden, out of the water....time to call a Doctor. Over $400 in Dr bills and medicines I hope to have this leashed. Hard to understand what she was saying....but when you hear lesions and your name you know it is not pretty, no sun, no sun, no sun- got the message and back to quarantined or become a vampire- rats! Hoping for sleep and will take it one day at a time.

Tomorrow we head back to the mainland for 2 nights in Playa del Carmen. We are thinking of underground cave tours on Saturday - no sun in caves right?

 Thankfully the resorts have nice gyms so I can run every day - inside and air conditioned.

So I am making the best of this trip...... all in all we are having a lot of fun! Kids are really enjoying it so that is a bonus.

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  1. I am so happy they at least have air conditioning and a gym . Feeling your pain. When I was a kid I threw a rock at a hornets nest and got stung like 30 times. My eye swelled shut and the Doctor gave me Atarax for the itching. It worked very well, I took it I slept for 12 plus hours It's off the market now. In retrospect the Dr was a family friend, I think he prescribed it for the benefit of my mother.