Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ironman is hard

Every Ironman athlete should watch the entire run of an Ironman. Why? To see watch what unfolds in the race.   I spectated at IMSR this past weekend and with a 3 loop run course, you can park yourself and see everyone 2-3 times as they come in.    We could see people come into T2 and then out on the run course and it was clear the bike was longer and harder than many anticipated.  The rough roads and wind added to the already challenge of 112 miles.  People were moving slower rolling into T2. Some came out of T2 a new person, game face on, ready to take on the run.  Others have that look, walk, stumble of how the F am I going to do this.    Ironman is hard! 

With each loop of the run, the smiles fade, the gate slows and the look of determination settles in.  Those having the race of their lives are in the hurt locker big time by loop 3, you can see the pain and suffering.  Watching the ones who just keep moving, focused and steady, knowing how much it hurts, is what I just love about Ironman.  Some are responsive to cheers and shout outs and others are one foot in front of the other.   
Spectators need fuel too 
Nytro Women Tearing it up

Why should everyone see this? Because as your race unravels, or you think it does, when you are hurting so badly you want to walk, when you are sure you are dying more than EVERYONE else, trust me, you are not.   The people at the front of the race are dying too.  No one feels like they did those first 6 miles, so when that piano drops on your back, everything hurts, you want to die- have a PLAN for how to get through it.  

But Ironman spectating is quite fun!!   Throughout the day I checked in with myself to see if I had any FOMO?  Nope, I did not!   
Mothers Day fun! 

Post IM was even better as Riley came up and we had a lovely Mothers Day nearly dying in Bikram Yoga, wine tasting, napping and enjoying and amazing dinner in Sonoma.  So blessed to have spent a few days with her!  

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