Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Triathlon Camp In Solvang

stunning Solvang Riding
the flowers
 What does a week at camp look like?   23 Hours and 33 minutes of training, fun, suffering, new friends,  sweating, a lot of Gatorade Endurance, many shot blocks, lots of water, not much wine, laughs, fun and memories!    Why go to camp?  You are pushed beyond regular boundaries, you get to train without the usual distractions.  All you need to worry about is swimbikerun vs walking the dogs, cleaning the house , your kids, parents, school, work, life etc... you get it.  Being self-employed I had a few hours of work a day but the remainder of distractions were gone.   camp is easy, but that 4th swim at 5:40 am when it is 36 degrees outside is tough.  The recovery ride a that is not so recovery when you are smashed.  A race sim on day 5 of camp, when you normally do the sim rested.  But at camp you just do it!   And that race sim, went pretty damn well after 15 hours of training, so that is a confidence builder for Oceanside.
Meeting new friends, seeing friends from last year, sharing stories about triathon, life, travels and more.  Having prepared high-quality food every night when you are simply bone tired.  It's what camp is all about. There was a campfire and a movie but I was in bed before the movie started. 
Top of the FIG!! 

Painful run down from the Fig
My coach was at camp which is a bonus!  6 days with coach on deck, riding, running, heck staying next door- win: win!  And I had 4 of my athletes at camp, which was great for me.  Training alongside athletes is so beneficial, I get to see them swim/bike/run, handle stress, adversity, and a surprise swim/run in 37 degrees.  Furthering relationships with 6 days of fun! 
The few souls running on day 6

That day I had the polka dot jersey
I can break down the days but you get - big biking is the key to Solvang and it was stunningly beautiful!!!  The rest of this blog will be in pictures.  
Rae Sim Crew #d3powered 
D3 Race Sim crew

Even a cooking demo by @foodsensenow

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