Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The lead up to IM Canada

I was going to start with my race report but decided to give some background and lay out all the excuses for a lesser than ideal race.

It has been 7 weeks since I blogged. (well other than a brief one about cable)   Why? Well things went awry about 7 weeks ago. Starting with a minor fall that my mom took which resulted in a major injury.   Completely fractured femur, 4+ hour surgery, 2 plates and screws and she has been in a wheelchair since.  Really tough time for Mom and while she is on the mend and is finally back home she still is in a wheelchair and need help daily.

Right about that time my foot, the one with the broken metatarsal, was bothering me so I decided to have it checked out since I had an infected rash, no pictures, spreading on my legs that needed attention or I was going to be quarantined.  I mentioned the pain to my, Dr assuming it was tendonitis and hoping for a quick cortisone shot and I would be on my way.  He took an Xray, seemed perplexed as my metatarsal looked broken.  ha ha...not so much  and referred me to a Foot/ankle ortho and another orthopedic surgeon.  To say I was calm would be a lie, I was freaking out, drinking wine, pretending I was okay and "calmly" helping my mom.

The foot/ankle Dr took 6 Xrays, came in and said my metatarsal was completely fractured and I needed a boot for 6 weeks and she left before I could punch or  ask questions and understand what happened.  Her aide came in fitted me in (another) boot (I have several)  and I hobbled out sobbing.

Wait a minute I ran 16 miles last weekend with minor pain (ok a few moments of a lot of pain) , I can press on the fracture site and no major pain, this cannot be right.  Dr's appt #2 with Dr Dahlstrom was the next day.  So I pretended I was okay, called coach and had a meltdown.   Leslie took me in case it was bad news and I was tempted to drink and drive or jump of a bridge or maybe just because she is a really good friend.

I threw the boot in the bushes  took the boot off and put my Hoka's back on and went about my day. It was sore to run, so I was indeed worried.  Dr D looked at the Xrays and said "inconclusive" and ordered a CT scan and instructed me not to panic. He did not instruct me not to drink copious amounts of wine but I did anyway.

I had not run in 6 days and was trying to not freak out., but I was.  With the CT Scan done I eagerlay anticpated seeing Dr D.  I skipped in there (okay not really) with great optimism and sweating palms. He strolls in and says your metatarsal has a complete fracture and I once again start crying..he says BUT you are not in a lot of pain right?  Right I say, not like when it was broken the first time.   So he proceeds to tell me my body gave up healing, it tried and tried to heal the fracture but it could not so it stopped.  What the heck, I have a body that is a quitter!  Okay so it healed sort of but it left a space, not ideal in a bone.

What do we do about that I say?  "Surgery and crutches"  More tears and another BUT....  After a lot of discussion the plan is to see how much pain I can tolerate. He assures me I cannot do more damage and the fix is still the same.  We agreed I'd rather hobble into his office post race than call it a season now.   He gave me a bone stimulator, suggested Altr G and pool running and run 1x week outside and see.

So that is what we did.... I had 3 solid long runs outside  17/18 19 miles with some pain but nothing debilitating and nothing that lingered for more than a few days.  And the weeks leading up my foot was fine, mostly.

Life stress (higher than usual for me), unhealed foot, back that seized up....all make for a great IM lead up said no one.   And giving up alcohol is good for race prep but bad for stress.

I wish ok not really that I could say my foot gave out and rebroke and that is what happened on Sunday at Ironman CA.  Yes my foot was really painful mile 13-17 but I ate 2x Aleve and was "ok"  My race went South long  before mile 13 of the run....

Next post  The shitstorm of IMCA  -  too long of a build up!  And we are off to play in Vancouver!

This post was mostly G rated.....

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