Saturday, March 26, 2016

Its a vegetarian he says

Galaxy Taco- La Jolla Shores- have you been?  If not, I highly recommend it.

I meet my Dad and Kathi weekly or bi- weekly for lunch/coffee/dinner and yesterday we returned to Galaxy Taco as our first experience was so wonderful.   it's in La Jolla Shores so on a sunny Good Friday traffic and parking were a bit of a challenge but the setting is fantastic.

Al fresco dining, even inside the doors open up 100% and the sea breeze comes in. The colors are vibrant, young staff and great food.  I have only had the tacos, cauliflower and ceviche and all were fantastic.
Grilled fish taco

I went with the grilled fish taco and my dad ordered the same plus another taco.  The tacos are small so I recommend 2.  I was debating ordering another one when he offered 1/2 of his 2nd "vegetarian" taco.  It was "non meat of some kind" covered in guac, salsa and bit of cheese.  I took a bit and was a bit surprised by the texture it was odd.  I added some hot sauce and finished it off and had a distinct feeling along with a displeasing aftertaste that this was not some kind of meat alternative.  Dad says it is potatoe or something.

This was not a potato.  I retrieve the menu and he points out the Lengua Taco.  I start to squirm a bit as I am 99% sure this is not a vegetable.  I quickly google Lengua....Beef Tongue.  My mouth starts to water and I try not to picture the horrific packages I have seen in the store.  I think of Roo and Mako's tongues.   Quickly quiver and move on.

The good news is I did not throw up or get sick!   The take away....never trust a carnivore who says it "vegetarian"

As longs you read the menu.... I still recommend Galaxy Taco.

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