Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why kids need to go away to college....

dog ambush 
the Southgate Sugar cookies
I love my kids like all Mama Bears  do.  But let me tell you.... about 2 years ago I recall saying " I cannot wait until they are both gone"  Well now they are gone and flourishng on their on and well I of course miss them like crazy.  The beauty of getting old is memories are edited and I seem to have dismissed all the devilish, dumb ass teenage shenanigans they pulled while living here. It's just rainbows and butterflies :)

yea Riley is home! 
Kids in the house!
Santa Riley /JD even filled my stocking
As the visit got closer... I was the little kid counting the days until JD and Riley came home. On Christmas Eve I was giddy and John laughed and noted "someone is excited" And the bonus was Riley got on an earlier flight and was home by 7. In time to frost the Hancock traditional sugar cookies- we listened to her tunes, frosted and decorated away.  I was soo happy!  

Christmas AM - Riley slept in and JD was flying in. The true miracle of Christmas was he made his flight! He is 1 for 4 in making flights.  Home soon thereafter to another grandstand greeting of crying, waggy tales, wiggly butts and sheer excitement from Roo and Mako.  They went full bore nuts over each kids return to the house. Both kids  in tears on the floor rolling around with the pups! 

cleaned up for Christmas 
Family together - Check!   Christmas Breakfast around the table...fruit salad, eggs and spinach and organic bacon for JD- he and the dogs were thrilled!  Bacon fat on the food is golden for Roo and Mako. 

The next 3 days were just awesome- hanging around and talking, cooking at home and being a family.  We walked the dogs, went to my favorite coffee/breakfast places, had our toes done (ok Riley and I did), sat around the table talking and just loving being together.

Christmas dinner at Dad's was amazing.... not just the food but the whole night.  We talked and talked and talked around the table. There were trivial topics, political topics and memories.... stories being to
ld, laughter and so much love it was sensational.

Our scheudles gelled... evening events done around 8/9:00 and I go to bed, kids go out.  I get up and swim and by the time I am done they are stlll not ready to get up and start the day! 

Love them to the moon and back and miss them...... 

I did swim every day, rode the trainer on Christmas, but the priority was the kids.... training will always be there, time with people needs to be enjoyed!  

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