Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Weekly blogging.....not so much

December goals:  

1- close $xxx in revenue for HPN Global-  check
2- 1:1 meetings all athletes - year end review and 2016 goal planning - check
3- personal goals I am not willing to blog about- some done some not
4- blog weekly- NOT DONE
Group swim

If the goal had been to start 7 blogs, than I would have a big ass check mark next to that- but since I did not have such a goal, well here we are with a so much to share.

Skipping so many epic minor and not that interesting activities, revelations that may or may not change you life... and going to what this blog started as- ironman journey, right.

Well I have a f'ing fractured metatarsal, not a stress fracture, not a stress reaction but a full on fracture in metatarsal #2. but I am not bitter  It started a tiny little stress reaction in Barcelona and the dutiful athlete I am I stopped running, after only 10 minutes, not miles, yes 10 minutes of pain, That was the stress reaction.  If I had been at home maybe this would have been resolved much sooner but instead I did a 3 day walking hobbling tour in Croatia, had a "doctor" work on my foot to relieve the swelling or crunch the bones further and finally get to a Dr in Berlin and got an 800 euro, yes 800 euro boot to take the pressure off the now fractured bone,  But that is what it is. reminder I am NOT bitter 
when things get bad - Sim short, paddle and fins

So with no running again , minimal biking until a callous formed and it being the USAT NCC Swim Month (USA Triathlon National Club Challenge) I decided to swim, swim, swim....

What that looks like is 114,000 yards to date!  64.7 miles.  Goal so 125,000 for the month. 71 miles!  Before you get all impressed, not that only puts me in 9th place. There are some freaking amazing people out there -for example the first place guy ( a TCSD rockstar has swim twice as much as I have.  Right..... so just when I am feeling awesome, I realize I am not that awesome. 

We did 2 group TCSD swims which were awesome!  Swim 1- I had Pete to do 100 x100's with me and I did a bonus 1000 for 11,000 yards!  Swim 2- I did not have a buddy so did 20 x 500 and than logged 3k for 13,000 yards- longest swim since college! 
me on the way to 13k

But I do have really dry skin ( organic coconut oil is the cure- but the problem with that is I become a lick stick for the dogs- okay TMI) , much lighter hair, I reek of bleach, I have bigger biceps, confirmed you really do use your core when swimming and have an overall sense of fatigue.   I have logged 500 miles on the bike and 100 miles on the elliptical. The first few weeks I manged core workouts and strength but no more....it's about the pool and swimming laps.  When it gets really bad you will see me wearing Roka Sim Shorts, fins and paddles- I know 100% slacker, but hey JUST DO IT. 

LOL I did NOT finish this blog last night.....almost let it sit with the other 8 unfinished blogs.  

NOPE - finishing it now!  And rode GWL today and logged another 4k in the pool!  GO ME 

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