Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Not getting behind

After the "vomit" blog to catch up, I vowed to not get behind.... 4 days passed and I am behind or maybe I feel that way beacuse I am moving at 110% right now.  
Dad, Kathi and Julie at lunch

After 4 days to not get over jet lag from Europe, deal with a broken foot, start swimming really slowly, return and catch up with work it was time to get on a plane again. 

But in that short week I caught up with a good PQ friend Kim at Union.  Wine and Brussel Sprouts and catching up- my favorite kind of night.  Backed that up with women's night at Nytro and got to see my rocking team mates who ride every weekend without me and eat some of Leslie's killer food (which I miss as much as .... ) and log more miles in the pool. 

Lunch with my Dad and K (even a photo to commemorate it)  

 It is NCC time...National Compeition Challenge for USA Triathlon.  Tri Club competition nationwide and December is swim month and I have a goal of 100k - since I cannot run or really ride well I may as well swim my rear off!   So it is chlorine time for me!  And since I am " in charge" or the "swim leader" I need to set a good example. 

And soon I was back at the airport and off to Denver for an action packed weekend.

Red Curry with Tofu- HOT HOT HOT 
D3Multisport   Christmas Party - great to see Coach and his family and off to Denver after a tough Jane Scott BAM workout Sunday AM. 1- at altitude 2- it was fins day and I did not have fins nor can I wear them right now- so I was left in the dust, but managed to slog through 5k and headed to Denver.

Great lunch with JD and than to the Hyatt Regency for some work. Saw a few hotels late Sunday and was happily in bed at 7 after an early dinner with a client at Thai Monkey Club- which was good!  

Long day planned for Monday but did swim in a 20 yard 85 degree pool for 2k and off to work.  Toured 3 hotels, 4 espressos and than Taziki's with clients for lunch and back downtown to meet JD for beers post finals.  UGH my son is 21- wow!   He ordered tri -tip and truffle oil fries and a legit beer- I guess since Mom was buying he did not have to drink Coors Lt.  It was surreal drinking a beer with my son in a bar!   Jammed the plane and home by 7:30!  

And that is my LAST trip of the year.  

Now the plan is swim a LOT and ride as long as my foot will tolerate it and deal with the darn run come January!  

I am also committed to 30 min core 4x a week-  Loving my new app's  Instant Abs - which BTW is NOT instant- 2 weeks and I do NOT have a 6 pack-  and FitStar are great.  They are monthly subscriptions and have great workouts with avatar videos, motivation and they count reps and time.  Working for me!! 

Roo and Mako still love me even if we have to walk the trails in my giant boot..... 

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