Monday, August 24, 2015

Traveling is so glamorous

4:20 wake up...dogs moan, roll over and go back to sleep.John opens eyes and rolls over.
Coffee started, shower dress final packing. Reminder to John we  are out the door in 10 minutes.  Dog's  (and John) pull themselves out of bed like lazy teenagers.  Dogs are tired  and cannot be bothered to go outside to pee.  Lay back down and scowl at me.  John was not so lazy and dove in pool and rallied.

Departure  4:50  5:00 as not planned.  Traffic  is light, dogs whining for windows open, windows open and loud wind in car but dogs quiet - although the occasional whine when they get a whiff of the beach and the car is not exiting.  Sudden excitment in the back and the urge to rush up front and jump on my white shirt with waggy tails.  Than excessive sneezing on my arms, gee imagine getting crap up your nose when you hang it out the window at 75mph.  A completely non relaxing drive to the airport.

Traffic jam at 5:30  - backup 10,000 cars.... road construction (genius on that timing- maybe Thanksgiving week would be better)  Jump slowly roll  out of car and into line.  Yes I am checking my bag as I cannot really life it ( my sciatica)  

Security is such fun. Get 1/2 naked, dig out stuff, load in bins, watch the idiot in front of me pull out full size bottle of shampoo and wear his belt through the hands over your head scanner.  "bag check" Belt off.... and then the other full size bottle of conditioner was in the bag.  Guy has buzzed haircut- this amount of product would last a year.

At gate 1- which means fast security and no REAL coffee.  The lovely "Brothers" coffee in pumps with non dairy powdered creamer was a treat for $2.  The bar was open- and yes 4 people starting of their day with bloody mary's 6am.

I do auto check in on SW because 99% of the time I am sitting at my computer 24 hours in advance and have found if you are 20 min late you end up with C25 sitting between the mother and infant and the 6'7 man.  A35- 10th row back, aisle seat.  

Than the waiting game of who will occupy the other seat(s) No not the infant and parent(sorry mom's) and not the infant and parent and 2 year old.  Ok guy comes in and takes window- promptly removes flip flops and begins pulling off dead skin and dropping on floor. Sometimes inspecting it and wait brief moment to smell it.  Really, really ?   Last few people getting on plane and 10 middle seats left-  I look mean, put my bag on middle seat and do not make eye contact with anyone. Worked like a charm and we take off.  Seatmate oders Dosxx and vodka- perfect for 6:30 am.  Wait another round at 7:30. And now- he is signing sort of to his music and bobbing his head.  And the guy behind me who gets up every 15 minutes and uses his full weight to pull my seat back to stand up- kinda like an E ticket ride.  .... Love this kinda day! 

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